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☁My parting invitation is to celebrate. I'm inviting you to celebrate what I'm celebrating and that is this experience of the miracle of where we find ourselves. You need not have a terminal diagnosis to lean in more fully, and I promise you it's worth it.▨


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1C25Z5U473M100B✍In a joint statement from unions representing employees in New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., union officials expressed dismay at the news, saying that Planned Parenthood leaders are "pushing out some of our movement's brightest minds. This comes at a time where reproductive freedom is in jeopardy and when our members are struggling under difficult economic conditions."ⓔRGS80TSX2DGC11↬He also said he missed his grandmother's funeral in Ireland because of the trial, and that he "won't get that time back."⊞

⇦"The different stages of the Syrian crisis proved that it has no military solution, and that there is no victor nor defeated in this conflict," he added.✄


✎"People are sad, they're shocked, they want to remember the victims, the people who died," she says. "But then the moment passes and they forget. They look away. They don't think about the possibility that this could happen again. Because when it happens once, it's shocking. When it happens a second time, it's still a shock. Once it happens a third, a fourth time, it already becomes normal. People say, 'Ah I knew it was going to happen again.' But it's not OK. It's a massacre. We're talking about lives. People are dying for nothing. They're being killed in a place that's supposed to be safe. But it isn't."▊PZU12BA,115☾For this test flight, the two main experiments were government-sponsored: the UAE's 22-pound (10-kilogram) rover Rashid, named after Dubai's royal family, and the Japanese Space Agency's orange-sized sphere designed to transform into a wheeled robot on the moon. With a science satellite already around Mars and an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, the UAE was seeking to extend its presence to the moon.◆1812Y6K00121JCT⇕"Children's shoes are the most moving object for me because there is no greater tragedy than the tragedy of children," said Mirosław Maciaszczyk, a conservation specialist from the museum's conservation laboratories.◊RN1106MFV,L3F(CT◆What's the big deal? In some abstract way, we can probably connect that fateful call of yesteryear with our crippling phone addictions of today.▼

❦Kansas State University's athletic director, Gene Taylor, says his men's basketball coach, Jerome Tang, was drawing heavily from it.↕SBR4040CT♥The RSF assisted the convoy with three vehicles to help get the buses safely through checkpoints, according to a Pentagon official.△


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SJ4020N2RP➶Nearly a month after the shooting, he was placed on leave. Two months later, he was fired.▀CKC33C512FDGAC7210▣Coolio's 1994 debut album It Takes a Thief kicked off his meteoric rise. "Fantastic Voyage," the album's opening track, reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.▋


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