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1812Y0100392KXR⇌"Someone reportedly pulled the pin on the device and it detonated," Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr. said in a statement.◐VJ1206Y102JXXMCあMcConnell specified that there were "a small fraction" of nominees that cannot get any Republican votes in the committee. "The far left wants the full Senate to move a senator off a full committee so they can ram through a small sliver of nominees who are especially extreme or especially unqualified."♛


¤Abortion rights supporters around the country and in the nation's capital are holding rallies Saturday and Sunday against the decision by a Texas judge to reverse the FDA's approval of a key abortion drug.✿0603J0100681MXT◊The climber and mountaineer had entered the cave in Granada on Nov. 21, 2021, determined to spend 500 days alone — monitored from afar by a group of scientists — to explore the effects of isolation on the human body and mind.♭1SS187,LF↚Peter Murray, the founder of, agrees. He set up the website in 2005 to help travelers see areas of likely turbulence before stepping aboard an airplane. By day, he is a systems administrator at Michigan State University. But thanks to the side project, he's had an armchair view of turbulence in the upper atmosphere for nearly two decades.⏎CL10B511KB8NNNC☜As the Republican gears up for a likely presidential run, we created this guide to recent legislative proposals in the Sunshine State that offer a lens into his vision for the country.⇘

▰MARGARET BRENNAN. Living in Manhattan. So on the banking front, a week ago, you said this looked like a simple run on a bank. It's continued, though, to put pressure on other banks. Why should we assume that other banks are better at managing risk than Silicon Valley Bank was?➢LQW18AN83NG8ZD⇄"New buildings that are going up — they can go electric, they can do heat pumps. This is how you transition. Nobody's touching your gas stove," Hochul said.❧


☞The Brazilian charges were dropped after the congressman's deal and there are no further cases there against him, Santos' lawyer told NPR.卍DZ2S036M0L□Hit Parade of Tears' best stories are those that speak directly to the troubles of Suzuki's moment. In the standout "My Guy," a young woman who delights in the '60s atmosphere of sexuality, yet has "no interest whatever in sleeping with a man," is able to open the "innermost reaches of [her] heart" to a visiting alien who makes no sexual demands. In the comical "Trial Witch," an ill-treated wife uses her newfound magical powers to transform her cheating husband into a side of salmon jerky. Both stories are acidic and spiky, livened equally by their speculative elements and the real anger at their cores. Without the latter, Suzuki's fiction works less well. Hit Parade of Tears' more abstract stories drag; those without a political underpinning often feel underbaked or immature, as do those that, like the crudely shocking "The Walker," rely too heavily on plot twists. But even when Hit Parade of Tears is missing a layer of sophistication, its prose is strong and clear, a message from the past that has, thanks to her stellar team of translators, arrived here asking to be heard.▨V12PM45-M3/H⇩REUDA: Our officers were seeing a very rapid deterioration of the situation. U.S. forces were were not big enough to hold the country. Remember that the coalition administration inside Iraq had demobilized the army and they had told the army, go home. And they did. But all of a sudden, we had 450,000 armed men unemployed, which became very fertile recruiting ground for an insurgency. Services had been at least degraded significantly. So electricity, running water, things like that were not functioning, which creates an unhappy population. The coalition authority had de-Baathification, the government, which meant getting rid of anybody who belonged to the Baath Party. And as we had articulated, the vast majority of members of the Baath Party had to be Baath Party members to hold the job. It was like the Communist Party in Russia. So you had teachers, policemen. They weren't committed bases. They just had to have the job. But all of a sudden they were out of jobs and law and order started to break down. And we started seeing this get worse and worse.あVJ1206A822KXBRW1BC☽"It depends on how you look at it," DiCaprio replied in a slow and deliberate tone.❈

⇐Mohammad speculates that local Taliban leaders in rural communities have supported the ban with the hope of inserting themselves into the aid distribution efforts. "Even before the Taliban imposed their ban, we received a letter from [the] head of the districts, asking us to not go to homes with women without mahrams. In our experience, some Taliban elders and heads of the councils in the districts support the ban because they remove the women and involve themselves to control the aid we distribute," he said.♣2N5245▉The tips included: "Advise your student that they should ask the man to leave them alone" and "walk away from him if they are approached by him."⇋


♠"My DMs have been absolutely full," she said. "People sharing pretty horrific stories that they're just too afraid to share in public."➺1N4747A A0G○"Across the country, we have seen an increase in threatening behavior and contraband, including weapons, being brought into schools at all levels," the district said. "Backpacks make it easier for students to hide weapons, which can be disassembled and harder to identify or hidden in pockets, inside books or under other items."BR2510W-G▒Scott is in custody with a bail hearing scheduled for Tuesday. Her trial is set to begin on May 30.♀1840-30H▥One in five Asian adults say they've hidden part of their heritage from non-Asians for fears of ignorance, prejudice, discrimination or other reasons.❉

◁"It was planned obsolescence, but our bet was that it would take longer for it to happen than most people thought at the time," Randolph said in an interview with The Associated Press last year across the street from the Santa Cruz post office where he mailed the Patsy Cline CD. Hastings replaced Randolph as Netflix's CEO a few years after its inception, a job he didn't relinquish until stepping down in January.♤1808J0250471FCR⇩CANBERRA, Australia — Australia has become the last of the "Five Eyes" security partners to ban the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok from its federal government's devices.➼


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C0805C391G1GACTU▍The four agencies are expected to "crack down" on crimes linked to fentanyl and increase law enforcement presence in public areas. However, Newsom's office vowed that the operation will not target those with drug addictions and instead focus on drug suppliers and traffickers.⊞MR441A680FAATR1▬The responding trooper didn't think it was a hit-and-run. The medical examiner who did the initial autopsy theorized his head was struck by the side mirror of a passing truck that did not stop.유

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