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74437336010♡Police say officers were dispatched to the H-E-B parking lot around 12:15 a.m. on Tuesday after reports of shots fired. While there, they received another call about a shooting victim about 2 miles away, and determined that the two incidents were related.↽RM 2☄Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who had a prolonged absence from the Senate as she recovered from shingles, says she is still experiencing some side effects from the virus that may affect her work now that she's back in Washington.➮

↚Nevada is the latest state moving toward enacting much tougher criminal penalties for possessing relatively small quantities of the synthetic opioid, with mandatory prison time for as little as 4 grams.♀

↗One thing that looks particularly bad for Yoon is that some of the harshest criticism is coming from conservatives who would normally be expected to leap to his defense. An editorial in the conservative Chosun Ilbo, for example, called the Washington Declaration a set of "shackles" on the South.↞

⊿Flash forward to the summer of 2022. Scientists spent six weeks capturing scans of the site, using technology that Magellan says it had been developing over the course of five years.▩

ぃHall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert, a two-time Triple Crown winner, is nearing the end of a two-year ban issued by Churchill Downs Inc. One of his horses, Medina Spirit, crossed the finish line first in the 2021 Derby and failed a post-race drug test. The horse was disqualified and Baffert was punished.♣

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