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♨It's more acceptance than empathy. For my mom, I still don't understand when she chooses to lean one side and then swing to the other, but part of healing from trauma is accepting the circumstances. For her to support my journey as an artist is a bigger deal than I thought. I thank my lucky stars that she provided what she could.❃C0603X229D3HAC7867☂Others encouraged people who had that reaction to interrogate the bias behind it.☁0603Y0630150FCR▔You'll hear people talk about "old Antioch" — which refers to the place it used to be: White, working class, a sundown town, where people of color knew not to be after dark.◦SP1812R-223H◁In addition to Ukraine, some of the documents provide assessments of China and countries in the Middle East.➴

★Of course, it's also possible that AI could end up increasing inequality even more. For one, it could make the Big AI companies, which own these powerful new systems, wildly rich. It could also empower business owners to replace more and more workers with intelligent machines. And it could kill jobs for all but the best of the best in various industries, who keep their jobs because maybe they're superstars or because maybe they have seniority. Then, with AI, these workers could become much more productive, and so their industries might need fewer of these types of jobs than before.▌B125C1500A▥About a month after Nanuq disappeared, people in Wales, 150 miles (241 kilometers) northeast of Savoonga on Alaska's western coast, began posting pictures online of what they described as a lost dog.•


♥Amputee soccer player Sean Jackson told the BBC that he's disappointed the account is focusing so much on athletes' mistakes instead of their skills.◘CDR32BP102BFMSAB▤As we finalize the integration of SHOWTIME and continue to transform our business for the future, we have set a great foundation for continued success by consolidating our group into two functions:⇍TAP106M010BRS⇟NDSS President and CEO Kandi Pickard said in the group's statement, "This Barbie serves as a reminder that we should never underestimate the power of representation. It is a huge step forward for inclusion and a moment that we are celebrating."➵0505J3000680FQT↲The White House issued a one-line statement Monday saying Biden had signed the measure behind closed doors, after having publicly opposed the resolution though not to the point of issuing a veto. More than 197 Democrats in the House voted against it when the GOP-controlled chamber passed it in February. Last month, as the measure passed the Senate by a 68-23 vote, Biden let lawmakers know he would sign it.➯

☞"It's difficult sometimes — when a company starts to see an effect on sales — to hold the line. And when that effect is more than they might anticipate, then they definitely start to question holding the line," she said.⊙CCR05CG820FR▧"What we understand this thing to be is a place where people -- regular people -- could come to eat and that is not domestic," she said.➼


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STPS8L30DEE-TR⇥His Q&A hits a snag when someone asks him to respond to a very tasteless joke that Matsson has made about Living+ and, uh, concentration camps. He plays it off.▐1210Y1K00391KET☆Responding officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect, 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon, who was shot and killed by police, according to Louisville Metro Police Department Interim Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel.♗


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1111Y6301P00HQT➱"Normalizing relations between South Korea and Japan is a necessity, and I am in favor of it, but not at the cost of our national interests, national dignity, history and justice," said Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung, who narrowly lost to Yoon in last year's presidential race.♨VJ1812A430KBCAT4XΘ"You could kill your way out of it," Rapp, the former ambassador, said. "And that's the lesson that Russia has taken to heart, too, as it commits these crimes in Ukraine."♨


⇠About 10 minutes after Kindell arrives, an officer’s body-camera footage captures the moment a dispatcher reveals a student had called 911 from inside one of the rooms. Kindell walks by and Canales and Field are in earshot as this information is shared loudly to those nearby, the footage shows.☺M39003/03-3049H➻MUMBAI — Aruna Desai still remembers the distress call that came in the middle of the night in September.◁T86D476M6R3EAAS♤"And that might be helpful in terms of closing some of the inequality that previous technologies actually helped amplify," Brynjolfsson says. So one benefit of intelligence machines is — maybe — they will improve the know-how and smarts of low performers, thereby reducing inequality.⊕C1206C151JFGACTU☺As of Monday, there is no change yet to Americans' ability to access mifepristone.▶

▥Results from the government's first-ever national inventory of mature and old-growth forests on federal land were obtained by The Associated Press in advance of the public release.♡MUR1610CTG↮Last year's U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide has triggered multiple state laws banning or restricting the procedure. Many were met with legal challenges. Currently, bans on abortion at all stages of pregnancy are in place in at least 13 states and on hold in others because of court injunctions. On the other side, Democratic governors in at least 20 states this year launched a network intended to strengthen abortion access in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court decision that eliminated women's constitutional right to end a pregnancy and shifted regulatory powers over the procedure to state governments.☼

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