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1808J0160103GFR☜BERLIN — Five people go on trial in Germany on Wednesday accused of planning a far-right coup and plotting to kidnap the country's health minister.▪GQM2195C1H7R9DB01D⊙The letter goes onto say that many of the gifts, transactions and items of value had not been previously disclosed by Thomas in an apparent violation of the Supreme Court's "Statement on Ethics Principles and Practices" shared with Durbin by Chief Justice John Roberts on April 25th.⇁


✍Since 230 was enacted, the lower courts have almost uniformly ruled that people alleging defamation, harassment, and other harms, cannot sue internet companies that publish such content. But the Supreme Court had, until now, had, never ruled on any of those issues. Thursday's decision was a first step, and it could be a harbinger.►1808Y2500272KXR➥Government critics have suggested the Kremlin canceled the event to avoid the optics of Russians holding pictures of modern day soldiers killed in Ukraine.▨IPP120N20NFDAKSA1♦He attached little contact microphones to individual leaves and was treated to this sound in return:▢AIML-1206HC-100M-T♚The owner of Houston's sole lesbian bar says she was denied insurance coverage for her business because it hosts drag shows — a denial she says is in part due to Texas' proposed anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.★

◈The victory signaled the growing and seemingly unstoppable popularity of the genre. For Daddy Yankee, that meant a steady stream of hit records and collaborations with other reggaeton superstars through 2017. That year he smashed even more records, singing alongside Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber on the inescapable "Despacito." That song eventually tied for the longest-running No. 1 in Billboard's Hot 100 history.◆1812Y1K50470GCT↺Suspect Jack Teixeira, 21, is a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard. He was arrested at his home in Massachusetts Thursday.➙

✄The man said it was. “What the f---, dude?” Cross spat out instinctively. He said the officer smiled and walked away: “Have a nice day.”▦

◆On the news of Feinstein's return on Tuesday, Schumer said he is "glad that my friend Dianne is back in the Senate and ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work. After talking with her multiple times over the past few weeks, it's clear she's back where she wants to be and ready to deliver for California."▤


★Experts said the most significant artifacts include sculptures in their original positions.♧1206Y0630104MXR▢"There's a hope that, instead of us having to push all the time, that Germany would take a leadership role," he said.«C3216X5R1A335K/1.15◐"We couldn't have imagined back in 2008, when we met, that we'd be here as petitioners and we wouldn't be fearful. There's been a lot of societal change since then," says Saxena.▲STPS16170CR™They delivered food — including special treats like avocados and fresh eggs — and removed her waste from a collection point "every five poos."▫

▂Swiss regulators orchestrated the purchase in a bid to stop more turmoil after the collapse of two U.S. banks. In an indication of the frantic, behind-the-scenes deal-making by Swiss authorities to resolve the issue before markets opened, the acquisition was announced late Sunday.↬F970J106MBA❧Chinese President Xi Jinping's government has stepped up efforts to intimidate the island by flying fighter jets and bombers nearby and firing missiles into the sea.◇

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