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⇩This history colored the analysts' approach to the question of whether he had WMD in the late 1990s and early 2000s.➯


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PM2110-560K-RC■In an update, police said the suspect, identified only by his initials, K.K., called them from the school minutes after the violence was reported. They also said he apparently planned his actions well in advance, and had written a list of children he wanted to kill.♚DF01SA-E3/45◑GOP leaders, under pressure from hard-line conservatives, silenced Zephyr from participating in floor debates and demanded she apologize two weeks ago, after she said those who supported a ban on gender-affirming care for youths would have blood on their hands. Days later, she raised her microphone in defiance as demonstrators in the House gallery angrily demanded she be allowed to speak, leading to seven arrests and Zephyr's banishment from the House floor.█


➷As grownups, they've become advocates as well. When Zevi was in college, for example, she chose to work at an agency that helps provide employment services to persons with disabilities. My daughters also travel with me on work trips to support me and make me feel well and good.◆C316C153J1G5TA7301♧Israel has faced criticism in the past from rights groups over the civilian casualties in its bombardments in Gaza. Israel says it does its utmost to avoid harming civilians in its strikes and says militants operate from within the territory's densely populated areas to fire rockets indiscriminately at Israeli communities.⇆1825Y6300103MXR◢Lorie Chaiten, a senior staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union's Reproductive Freedom Project, says anti-abortion activists appear to feel emboldened by last summer's Supreme Court decision and apparently are trying to use the Comstock Act to reopen long-settled questions about sexual health and reproductive rights.✄CDR35BX334AKMPAT◑In one case, references to the killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement were removed. In another, a question mentioning "social justice issues" in the Hebrew Bible was changed to refer to "key principles" in the religious text. Descriptions of socialism and communism were also changed.✂

♬A statement on his LinkedIn page offers insight into his service mindset: "The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit," he wrote in the spot where a career biography would normally go.♟1808Y1K50122KXT❐Texas state Sen. Bryan Hughes, the bill's sponsor, did not immediately respond to NPR's request for comment.◨

✄When he received pushback from fellow Republicans, Riepe warned his conservative colleagues they should heed signs that abortion will galvanize women to vote them out of office.◇


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T495X156K050ZTE250☼"I am most worried about how we track hospitalizations," she says. "At this point in the pandemic, hospitalizations are the best indicator of whether the level of infections that are occurring will be disruptive. But we are scaling back the level of hospital data we are collecting."↿C0805X912M4JAC7800↛The parties settled for $787,500,000 — about half of Dominion's original $1.6 billion ask.♣

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