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2225J5000470JCT▤The Pentagon and State Department's separate after-action reviews on the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan were being transmitted to the relevant congressional committees Thursday afternoon.☢04025U7R0BAT4A↵"I don't envision the circumstances where we can stop vaccinating, and say, 'Okay, there's no more polio. Forget it.' Just for one simple reason: Polio can be made in a lab in two weeks," he says. More than 20 years ago researchers at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, cooked up infectious polio from scratch using publicly available data.◪


₪In addition to commitments to a gradual resolution to the conflict, the decision also welcomed the Syrian government's willingness to cooperate with Arab countries to resolve "humanitarian, security, and political" crises that affected Syria and the region due to the conflict — namely refugees, "the threat of terrorism and drug smuggling."♚FA28NP01H222JNU06▼Loewinsohn's inspired book is less a reckoning, more a kind of love letter — if a convoluted one — to this mother. Addressed as "you" throughout, she is remembered as an essential, looming figure, the one who transmitted to her daughter an enduring love for the outdoors and nature, for gardening and planting. Divided into three sections, "Dirt," "Leaf," and "Light," the grown-up daughter is now skilled at the only occupation that seemed to animate her troubled loved one. As a child she was unintentionally taught to wait, and wait, for a presence (her mother) that might reappear at any moment, then disappear again without warning. In this way, Ephemera discloses how even something that is learned with oppressive difficultly at an early age can hold value in other contexts later on. Patience, staying, careful attention: These are a gardener's most effective tools.◈T2035H-6T♥This intervention "is really a game changer in preventing maternal deaths," says Deekshita Ramanarayanan, a program associate with the Wilson's Center's Maternal Health Initiative, who wasn't involved in the new study. "Over a quarter of maternal deaths can be attributed to postpartum hemorrhage," she adds.♖06035A471FAT2A☚"Our top priority has been to get American travelers a better deal," Biden said at the announcement. "This is just about being fair."╬

↣"I've been grinding away at this for a while, and I'm not on a crusade to dismantle the Titanic narrative that has grown since 1912," he says. "But ... I have had enough experience and seen enough evidence that makes me seriously question even some of the most basic aspects of the Titanic story."◇CKC21C682KEGACAUTO☣Last week, the news outlet Sportico reported on turmoil within The Giving Back Fund in part sparked by the question of whether gifts to Hamlin's GoFundMe are charitable donations. Marc Pollick, CEO of The Giving Back Fund, disputed the accuracy of Sportico's reporting in a statement and said the organization's leadership "has always operated ethically, appropriately, and legally."◐


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0603Y2501P50HQT⇣Jimenez was the lead author on a study published two years ago indicating that instead of increasing understanding and compassion with Native Americans, among some individuals it did the exact opposite.▤C1206C273F4HAC7800▪Hinton, an offensive lineman with 16 starts under his belt over three years at Stanford, didn't make his decision to leave on a whim. There's a strategy playing out here.●

➝China is a victim of economic coercion, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said Friday.の

♝In the four years since that heated baseball game, the Gaston County School Board has refused to budge. (The board did not respond to requests for comment for this story.)♥

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