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▦"Our government will work to hold elections in every part of the country so as the people will not lose their democratic right," Min Aung Hlaing was quoted as saying by broadcaster MRTV.➥NTE6368✍Gannett's chief communications officer, Lark-Marie Antón, in a statement published in Axios:▩MAZ8036GHL▧American Gas Association president and CEO Karen Harbert said in a statement that natural gas has helped drive down carbon emissions and that banning it in new buildings would hurt energy customers.↺C0603X103G4HAC7867▰Dr. Lewis Nelson of Rutgers University says those problems can last six hours or more with nalmefene, requiring extra treatment and management by health professionals.☌

◆Williams was the 12th overall pick in last year's draft but he played in just six games after returning from knee surgery. Alliance Sports, which represents Williams, said in a statement the player is "apologetic to the NFL, his teammates and the fans and city of Detroit." It also noted Williams' suspension was for a "technical rule regarding the actual location in which the online bet was placed — and which would otherwise be allowed by the NFL outside of the club's facility."❉MBR2X060A045♣For example, in New York, Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul rejected a recommendation to use opioid settlement funds to support two overdose prevention centers — places where people can use illicit drugs under supervision. She cited "various state and federal laws" that make such sites illegal. A similar conversation is taking place in San Francisco, with the mayor citing a lack of federal legal clarity on the issue.§


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ECK-ATS472ME▐The specially trained team works together so no one carries too heavy a load. While being on night shift means opening the clinic alone, staffers can debrief tough cases together. They attend group therapy for secondhand trauma.☺HS1G×The Federal Reserve plans to release a report Friday on whether there were lapses in its oversight of Silicon Valley Bank that may have contributed to the bank's failure.⊟


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12063C684JAT2A☁According to the ACLU, in the past three years at least 19 states have passed laws broadly banning transgender students from sports teams that don't align with their sex as assigned at birth. If enacted, the Biden's administration's proposed changes would render such policies illegal.⇠P1330-224K♨Nashville Vice Mayor Jim Shulman has called for a special Metropolitan Council meeting on Monday to discuss filling the empty District 52 House seat left by Jones, according to an email tweeted out by councilmember Bob Mendes.✄


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C324C824M1R5TA7301♀By 5 a.m., she is accompanied by four other women on a motorboat, operated by a fisherman they know well. They each chip in about $1 for the ride. It's a half-hour journey to the nearest island. Depending on the availability of seaweed, they may venture out to the other islands that are further away. Once they find the best spot, they moor the boat and dive in. The women are in neck deep waters usually until 3 p.m., because the strong currents would disrupt the work after that. Seeniammal gathered about 22 pounds of seaweed from that single trip, she says, almost double what women collect near the coast of Pamban.☪GA1210A271GXBAT31G★She says the medicine had been helping bring her diabetes under control. She was getting it delivered to her home, but she didn't meet her copays and the bills piled up as unpaid debt.⇜


♧In Wednesday's hearing, two of the panel's three judges criticized that language. Elrod called it "very far outside the bounds" of legal norms.◄C1210C823J5GACTU❒After California entered the union in 1850 as a "free" state, it did not enact any laws to guarantee freedom for all, the draft recommendation notes. On the contrary, the state Supreme Court enforced the federal Fugitive Slave Act, which allowed for the capture and return of runaway enslaved people, for over a decade until emancipation.❈0925-102J◈Ahead of the protest, Vucic, who holds nearly all the levers of power, said it amounted to "violence in politics" and the "harassment" of citizens. But he said police wouldn't get involved "unless people's lives are in danger."♦CHV1206N630102JCT☺On Saturday, King Charles III and Camilla, the queen consort, are expected to be crowned at Westminster Abbey — continuing a tradition that dates back more than 1,000 years.✯

♧In mid-summer, the aspen's leaves are pretty much at their largest. "And there's just a really nice shimmering quality to Pando when you walk through it," says Rice. "It's like a presence when the wind blows."←CDR32BP331BJWSAR☆GARY COHN: All of- all of it. Both the banking side, as well as what the Fed does in policy.☠

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