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•"These judges aren't doctors and neither are they," Laura Meyers, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, said at the rally, pointing at the anti-abortion-rights protesters nearby.♨

♕The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General has received complaints from around the country about unsolicited tests being billed to Medicare, said a top investigator. Earlier this year, the office posted a fraud warning on its website, urging consumers to report this and other covid-related scams.↢


⇀The fire at Shell's Deer Park Chemicals facility started at about 2:56 p.m. in the olefins unit, the company said on Twitter. The product that ignited includes cracked heavy gas oil, cracked light gas oil and gasoline, according to Shell Deer Park.↬T97V337K6R3LSA♝Biden said he was "concerned that it happened," though he added that "there was nothing contemporaneous that I'm aware of that is of great consequence."▰SR211E103ZARTR1✏Agwenyi is not well-off but like some Kibera residents, he has a small home in the country, side where he grows sugarcane as well as bananas and green vegetables. That's where he headed during the pandemic.▷TH3C106M020E1100⇜"This is different and the attacks were particularly violent and brazen," Pytel said at a Tuesday press conference, adding that in the most recent two attacks, the "suspect didn't seem to care there were several witnesses" who could identify him.◦

↽Asghar's When We Were Sisters is a coming-of-age novel that follows three orphaned Muslim-American siblings left to raise one another in the aftermath of their parents' death. The prize jury wrote that Asghar "weaves narrative threads as exacting and spare as luminous poems," and their novel is "head-turning in its experimentations."☃1812J0500390JAT♣Over 420 people, including 264 civilians, have been killed and over 3,700 wounded in fighting between the Sudanese armed forces and the powerful paramilitary group known as the Rapid Support Forces. The RSF said the armed forces unleashed airstrikes on the upscale neighborhood of Kafouri, north of Khartoum. There was no immediate army comment.↮


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1008-180J➮The last time I spoke to my mom was a little less than 24 hours prior to the incident. The conversation was very casual. She was telling me about a sick relative of ours who was in the hospital and how she needed our hopes and prayers. Then I received another voice recording on WhatsApp. It was less than an hour before she died, before she was killed. The message was mainly focused on telling [my family and me] how severe the attacks were. There were so many loud explosions, the sound of automatic machine guns, the sound of active war over there. She didn't know the next one would hit her.•R6221640ESOO➤One thing he celebrates about the pandemic is that it helped more members of the public understand what the health department is and what it does. "We know how to make people feel like they're not just a number – one patient said 'a petri dish of infection' – but you're a person," Stewart says of those early interactions he had when people were first getting infected.☆


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SBRT4U10LP-7❂She wants her patients to know they're out of danger.⇩2225J0500332KCT◦French President Emmanuel Macron also decried what he called "a heinous and barbaric act."→


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