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GA1206Y154MXABR31GⓥPotential jurors could face questions about their feelings about Trump, whether they have followed news of his criminal indictment, thoughts about his social media presence and whether the #MeToo movement has "impacted" their lives.➬IRF7477↯But Lindell told The Associated Press on Thursday that he has no intention of paying and that he expects the dispute to land in court.▓


♥Charlotte, age 20 in 1891 and working as a school teacher, and Katie, age 17, lived in Kimberley, famous for its diamond mines and the second largest town in South Africa, then a colony of Britain.↡1825Y0100390JCT▒If there was ever a time for Republicans to back efforts to expand birth control access, U.S. Sen. Patty Murray of Washington thinks this should be it.➣RCE5C1H333J2A2H03B♀The U.S. government has never defaulted. But if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that money could run out as soon as June 1.☀IDH10SG60CXKSA2▀"We're going to review it (the plea)," Lopez Obrador told reporters.↘

▬Christie Stephenson, spokeswoman for House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., said Democrats will evaluate the bill "if House Republicans can ever agree with themselves about how much they want to devastate American families in order to finance tax cuts for the wealthy, well-off and well-connected."◥1825Y2K50182JXR✚For the last three years, the Education Department has suspended student loan payments without accrual of interest, saving borrowers some $5 billion a month in interest. Each month of suspended payments has counted toward loan forgiveness for borrowers in public-service jobs, helping many achieve or move closer to debt cancellation. But advocacy groups say the resolution will upend those benefits.↔


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ACZRA4734-HF◘Mike Colle, a Toronto city councillor, said Panza had worked on some of his campaigns and they got to know each other.★GA1812Y683MBBAT31G∷Since April, over 500 people have been killed and about 4,500 others have been injured by the conflict, a Sudanese agency said, though true figures may be far higher. More than 100,000 people have fled the country, while those who have stayed reported running out of food and water in the midst of the fighting.➳


☺Some in Vietnam believe that extracts from cat bones can help cure conditions such as asthma and osteoporosis.✂1111J1000120GQT▣Ultimately, a panel of outside experts voted 14-1 to take the drug off the market.☪C1608CH1H680J080AA☼Sheeran's song, which came out in 2014, was a hit, winning a Grammy for song of the year. His lawyers argued that the songs shared versions of a similar and unprotectable chord progression freely available to all songwriters.☁BZX585B24 RSG↵Vida Blue, a left-handed pitcher who helped lead the Oakland Athletics to three World Series championships in a row from 1972 to 1974 and made six All-Star teams, died Saturday at age 73, according to his family and Major League Baseball.➛

↘This story first appeared in UNDARK.⋄GJM0335C2A5R5DB01J◈The shot of the Polish museum appeared to have been removed from an otherwise identical version during the official broadcast, according to WWE blogs and fans. It does not appear in replays of WrestleMania Night 1, replaced by generic footage of barbed wire and an empty, unidentifiable jail cell.◑


↙"Heavier women tend to earn less," the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis said in a 2011 report, which analyzed the results of multiple studies on the topic. "These penalties have not only increased over the past few decades, but continue to increase as women age."㊣FA26X8R2A333KNU06✿Brands suggesting a product will “solve a major world issue” have been less successful, he said. For example: Pepsi’s 2017 ad featuring model Kendall Jenner seamlessly diffusing tensions between police and protesters with just the magic of a shared soda can.•CWR09JK156KM◧This wasn't Nasyrova's first brush with the law or with poison, authorities say.↧VJ0603A150FLAAJ32⊕Similar clinics operate in New York City and in cities across Canada. People use street drugs under medical supervision and are given help if they overdose. In many cases they're also connected with health care services and counseling.⇇

♗"At low levels, bedbugs are sometimes hard to detect, and so you may not even realize that you have a bedbug problem until the bedbugs that you've brought in with that couch have kind of blossomed into a full-blown infestation, maybe even in multiple rooms," he said.▨BSS314PEL6327HTSA1▥In finding Trump liable for battery, the jury awarded Carroll $2 million in compensatory damages, along with $20,000 in punitive damages. For the defamation claim, the jury awarded her $2.7 million in compensatory damages and an additional $280,000 for punitive damages, finding that Trump had acted "maliciously, out of hatred, ill will, spite or wanton, reckless, or willful disregard of the rights of another" when he accused her of inventing the story.☎


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