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1812Y0100121FCR♐He shot White in the face before turning his gun on her father, who had run over to protect her. A bullet also grazed Hilderbrand's elbow, the Gaston Gazette reports.☀CWR11FB225KCA▯Colleagues at the other end of a long work table rub away dust and grime, using soft cloths and careful circular motions on the leather of the fragile objects. The shoes are then scanned and photographed in a neighboring room and catalogued in a database.♧


✌As part of the deal, approximately 16 billion francs ($17.3 billion) in higher-risk Credit Suisse bonds will be wiped out, leaving investors with hefty losses. That has triggered concern about the market for those bonds and for other banks that hold them.∎ISC1210EBR39M↱Kilicdaroglu (pronounced KEH-lich-DAHR-OH-loo), 74, is a low-key former accountant known to followers as a clean politician who champions secular values. He leads Turkey's main secular opposition party, the Republican People's Party, or CHP.✌1210Y0500394JXR↕"I think it's a problem that a lot of people are not aware of," Lombard says. "Climate change is probably going to impact water quality," she said, but more research is needed to understand how and why.♨1210J0250105KDT⇎Context to know: DeSantis has characterized ESG as a “radical ideological agenda” and framed measures to curtail its use as part of his “anti-woke” campaign. Republicans in several other states have sought to blacklist banks that factor climate risks and social concerns into investment decisions. But not all have succeeded.▨

✲"A lot of this work is really well-intended, trying to use machine learning, artificial intelligence to improve people's mental health ... but unless we do the research, we're not going to know if this is the right solution," he said.◑GRM2196S2A9R5DD01DⓛAs Spencer's team noted in their 2022 review, more work has to be done to investigate these other possible causes. Over the last four years, NIH grants at least partially earmarked for nodding syndrome have totaled more than $2.3 million, including work by Spencer's research group on environmental factors. Meanwhile, around that same time, Colebunder's research program at the University of Antwerp received more than $2.5 million from the European Research Council for work on the relationship between onchocerciasis and nodding syndrome. In parallel, almost 500 peer-reviewed scientific articles have been published on the disease since 2019.○


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1945R-19G⇔To help fund the evening, a GoFundMe account was also created by Allison Holley, the owner of Nashville's Apple & Oak. Any additional money donated in response to this effort is going to be given to Inclusion Tennessee and Oasis Center, two charities of Hayes' choosing.▧1206J0161P80DCR▥McCarthy's predecessor, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan last year, a move that prompted an angry reaction from Beijing. Soon after, China's People's Liberation Army staged military exercises, and, for the first time, fired ballistic missiles over Taiwan.☂

♚"For us, it's validation that we don't destroy the islands," says Pandiammal. "We protect them. If it weren't for these islands, how could we live?"➳


✐Thornton said five of the six defendants admitting being at the party and firing guns. The sixth suspect did not admit being there, but the co-defendants said he was there and fired a gun, Thornton said. The investigator said at least five of the six met after the party at a parking lot in a nearby city.☃CK05BX331K➯Police officer Ramit Sharma said the three assailants came on motorcycles posing as journalists.↕GA0603A180KBAAR31G➮Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, of Kentucky, said he and his wife Elaine were "devastated" by news of the attack and praying for the victims.⇪2220J1000562JFR⇒"I made it clear my intention was to play and to play for the New York Jets," he said last month on an episode of The Pat McAfee Show, adding that he was not "holding anything up."❒

▨Under the order, executive agencies would be required to inform nearby communities if toxic substances were released from a federal facility.✥SLF10145T-102MR29▧The arrest comes just weeks after the brother of Miguel Villarreal, aka "Gringo Mike," a former Gulf Cartel plaza boss, was sentenced in Houston to 180 months in prison for his role in distributing cocaine.⇑

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