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IRL40SC209♪"What is concerning is that it gives a signal to other oil and gas projects in the region that they can still find financing from institutions like the [Export-Import Bank] for any future expansions that they might have in mind," Shukla says. "So that, to me, is the wrong signal to send out at this moment in time."▉CKC21X822MEGACAUTO☣Newsom's office says the pills were secured through the state's CalRx prescription drug program, and California is providing information about its purchase agreement to other states that may be interested in taking similar action.♖


→But three candidate vaccines — one developed by Oxford University and the Jenner Institute in Britain, another from the Sabin Vaccine Institute in the United States, and a third from the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) — are being trialed in Uganda.↚GCJ21BR72A273MA01K□"Almost a year had passed since the outbreak of war," Morawiecki said in an interview with Polish state news agency PAP published Sunday. "Evidence of the Russian army's war crimes can be seen on television and on YouTube. What more does Germany need to open its eyes and start to act in line with the potential of the German state?"○CGB2A3X5R0J105M033BB⇒Bhutta says polio vaccine — both oral and injectable in an ideal world — should be given along with other childhood immunizationsЮPMV28UNEA215↱Harris grew up in the Washington suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland. He said he got to experience the excitement of the team winning three Super Bowls and establishing a long-term culture of success.↤

ˍIndeed, Twitter under Musk has become more extreme, more polarized, and reliable news is harder to come by.█2225J0160183MDT➭ATLANTA — Georgia Republican lawmakers approved a measure last week that would outlaw local officials from seeking almost all third-party funding to help cover the costs of running elections.◊

⇨"How would you feel if you had a dream and you fulfilled it?" she said when asked why. "Would you come out crying?"♨


▬MillerKnoll says the clip was "taken out of context and struck a nerve."➼C1206X104J8JACAUTO♡Gregg, speaking at Thursday's ceremony, thanked his late wife, his family and his mentors in the Army, among them, his platoon sergeant from basic training. "His teaching and personal example served me well during my career," Gregg said.◈GA0603A102KBAAR31G↵When those with disabilities are ignored or neglected or discriminated against or denied their rightful place in any sphere of life, the world is losing out. So we need to be paid attention to.█MMBZ5255B-E3-08✏Former President Donald Trump spoke to New Hampshire voters during a CNN town hall held at St. Anselm College in Manchester Wednesday night. Audience members asked how he would tackle issues like abortion, Second Amendment rights, immigration and more. But nobody brought up the opioid crisis plaguing the Granite State.

✉Thomas responded last week, saying he "was advised that this sort of personal hospitality from close personal friends, who did not have business before the court, was not reportable." In a statement, he described Crow and his wife, Kathy, as "dearest friends." In the statement, Thomas noted as the disclosure guidelines are now being changed that "it is ... my intent to follow this guidance in the future."↨2225J1000473KXT£Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts signed a five-year, $255 million contract Monday, making him the player with the most annual earnings in NFL history at 24, according to the league.∎

↺"We absolutely intend to appeal the court's findings to the Supreme Court, and we will prevail," said Nayyab Ali, executive director of Transgender Rights Consultants Pakistan, at a news conference Friday.﹌

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