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◙Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick emphasized that Abrams' appointment will not only honor Walters' legacy but will continue to expand it among students and the overall Howard community.▨C1206X7R101-102MNP♝Both players have already commented publicly on Sunday night's controversy.↵BC51-16PAS115☂Here's a rundown of the weekend's events — which are expected to cost U.K. taxpayers over $125 million — and how to watch them live.◥1782-15H♩Baylor Acrobatics and Tumbling Coach Felecia Mulkey described Washington as a "strong young lady" and "an amazing athlete but a better human," telling FOX 7 in a statement that she "has no doubt she's going to get through this."☆

♖In addition to Italy and Germany, arrest warrants were also served in Belgium, France, Portugal, Romania and Spain, while raids were also conducted in Slovenia.【ER1840-102JM✈Mitsotakis, a Harvard-educated former banking executive, came to power in 2019 on a promise of business-oriented reforms and has vowed to continue tax cuts, boost investments and bolster middle-class employment.▬

⇌Dudnik understands the enormity of his task. His building has gaping holes, burnt wiring, no water or electricity. Kharkiv's mayor says that Russian attacks have destroyed more than 6,000 buildings in the city, including many residential high-rises, and that local and national authorities have only managed to restore 200.☼


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C0805X333M3JACAUTO↜Shy is the third and shortest of his trio of largely unplotted, unconventional, neo-modernist novels involving unhappy lads and their stressed parents. It's also his first not to rely on an odd supernatural being to help save the day. (Though a couple of dead badgers play an unusual role in this latest dark scenario.)❧2N3421 PBFREE☼He received his second star, as major general, in 1976 and was promoted to lieutenant general the following year, becoming the director for logistics for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. When he reported back to the Army two years later, it was as the deputy chief of staff, logistics.↡


☏"The German way of seeing the world doesn't always align with the U.S. way of seeing the world," he said.↹C1210C222F3HAC7800▧As much as Lone Women is a horror novel, it's also a western, and LaValle's take on the genre is refreshing. He centers the book around women and people of color — it's a welcome antidote to the westerns of the past, where the heroes were always white men, and anyone who wasn't one was either a villain or a supporting character.✲1808Y1000103KXT☂In just a day, Hayes' post blew up and got on the radar of Nashville business owner and local mom Marcie Allen Van Mol.➞UP025SL2R2D-B-BZ】At least 41 civilians were killed Sunday, bringing the two-day death toll to 97, the Sudan Doctors' Syndicate said Monday. Hundreds of people have been wounded since fighting started Saturday, the group said. In addition, dozens of fighters are believed to have been killed, according to the group.✍

➱Daniels argued that the fee request was "unreasonable and excessive," saying the law group had overstaffed the appeal and performed duplicative tasks, and asked for fees to be reduced, court documents show.▩2SC3669-Y,T2PASF(M☣She said she had hoped the lawsuit would not result in a trial, "but I have to protect my father's legacy."㊣

◊However, the Joint Investigation Team said they had insufficient evidence to launch any new prosecutions and suspended their long running probe into the shooting down that killed all 298 people on board the Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.♠

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