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▭Biden told reporters as he was walking away from a press conference on Wednesday that he was willing to meet with McCarthy, but not on whether or not the debt limit is extended.⇍


⇩After the Times of London revealed this potential conflict of interest this past January, the government opened an investigation. On Friday, it published its report, concluding that Sharp had indeed breached rules.▩C1210X431M8HACAUTO♂Davis in response again suggested a question that Dominion could ask in its place. He said Dominion could inquire why Fox executives chose to pull back support from Trump. If their answer brought up Jan. 6, Dominion could pursue the topic, the judge said.∎0603Y0630150KAT➦The law requiring a three-day delay between buying and receiving a firearm — an attempt to curtail impulsive violence and suicide attempts — puts Colorado in line with nine other states, including California, Florida and Hawaii.⊟GA1210A102KBAAT31G↔That could be one factor working against Bud Light, she said. "If there is a very easy-to-switch-to product that is perceived by the customer base to be a very, very close substitute — then it might be a factor that would contribute to the boycott's effectiveness," she said.➳

◎The "bundled care" approach used in the study cuts down the time it takes to address the problem.•T491C226K025AT4162❤"I was just thinking it's gonna take the tub, like we're going to be gone," she said.↛

⊕Disney's feud with Florida✿

◦Agwenyi is not well-off but like some Kibera residents, he has a small home in the country, side where he grows sugarcane as well as bananas and green vegetables. That's where he headed during the pandemic.↖


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PTAC240502FCV1XWSA1☺"We are being held hostage by 50 senators in Washington who refuse to even put it to a vote, despite what we the American people want," Kerr said. "They won't vote on it, because they want to hold on to their own power."↶2N5883✌Protecting the confidentiality of people's information, however, may be harder with AI and other advances in computing becoming more accessible to bad actors who may try to trace publicly available statistics back to an individual by cross-referencing different datasets, says Stephen Parry, a senior statistical consultant at Cornell University who has written about best practices for collecting gender and sex data.◄


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