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CDR32BP181BKYS\1K●Chainsaws buzzed, as bulldozers plowed into debris. Utility crews restored power as some neighborhoods began recovery.➞VJ0402D150GXCAP㊣In March, she reached out to First Touch Family, a recently founded Christian nonprofit organization in East Texas that supports parents who have lost a child. Founder Chrissy Cogdell, who describes herself and her organization as pro-life, set up a fundraising page for Halo's funeral and paid for professional maternity and birth photos. The fundraiser only brought in $480, Cogdell says.卍


◎Charges against Vallow Daybell include grand theft, with the U.S. government as the victim, after she received Social Security funds intended for the care of Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow and did not report Tylee's death.☀CBR08C279B5GAC×As the Times' Neil Sheehan struck the theme, he wrote that the United States had gone to war not to save the Vietnamese from Communism, but to maintain "the power, influence and prestige of the United States...irrespective of conditions in Vietnam."】BLC9G27XS-380AVTZ↫Pamban, where the women collected seaweed that February morning, is a teardrop-shaped island known for its rich marine ecosystem. With over 4,000 species of plants and animals, it's considered by UNESCO to be one of the world's most bio-diverse hotspots.⇒CDR31BX222BKSP▥He shot White in the face before turning his gun on her father, who had run over to protect her. A bullet also grazed Hilderbrand's elbow, the Gaston Gazette reports.☚

▒Sheeran's song, which came out in 2014, was a hit, winning a Grammy for song of the year. His lawyers argued that the songs shared versions of a similar and unprotectable chord progression freely available to all songwriters.⇙M39014/01-1267TR2→So I can fall asleep in the presence of my family and my church — with these people who I love. I know that I am safe. — Mahali Hlasa➥

ぃThe search for three Americans missing along with their sailboat off Mexico's northern Pacific coast since April 4 has been suspended, the U.S. Coast Guard said.⇩


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FJV4108RMTF□Emergency calls first came in around 8:30 a.m., and police responded within three minutes of being dispatched.◊UMK063CG240JT-F❀Police did not intervene. As night fell and the crowd started to disperse, organizers promised to hold more protests unless their demands are met.◎


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2225J1K00153MXR↮Another law will create a temporary court within a Capitol Complex Improvement District covering a portion of Jackson. The court will have the same power as municipal courts, which handle misdemeanor cases, traffic violations and initial appearances for some criminal charges. The new law says people convicted in the Capitol Complex Improvement District Court may be put in a state prison rather than in a city or county jail.⊿1812AC393KAZ1A◩Sheeran later addressed reporters outside of the courthouse.↚

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