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☆"That's exactly what we were concerned about: that when we entered this age of deepfakes, anybody can deny reality," said Hany Farid, a digital forensics expert and professor at the University of California, Berkeley. "That is the classic liar's dividend."⊙1808Y2500680GFT▣"He was still alive when he was taken away, but he never came home," she added. "My husband's life was stolen from him viciously. Life as I knew it [was] stolen from me. My world as I knew it came to an end."➢1210J0630181KCR▒"White noise is fascinating because it masks lots of variability in sound," she says. "It takes out some of the frequency ranges and presents something that sounds like a continuous, steady sound." In other words, it mimics running water in a stream, and our brains tune it out.⇉GRM0335C2A150JA01J⇣Daniels subsequently filed a motion to knock down the fee payment. On Tuesday, the court dismissed in part her latest request, which only increased the bill she has to pay.↩

ღ"Uncertainties are increasing," said Richard Connor, the editor-in-chief of a U.N. water report published earlier this year at a press conference in late March, where world leaders met to try and find better strategies for managing the planet's rare freshwater. "If we don't address it, there will definitely be a global crisis."✒C0805C751K1HACAUTO✌The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss closed-door negotiations.↬


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1812Y1000392KXT¤CEO Jim Farley wrote in social media postings Tuesday that the company is reversing a decision to scrub the band after speaking with government policy leaders who are concerned about keeping emergency alerts that often are sounded on AM stations.»M39003/09-0255⋄In an email to NPR, Jordan Jewell, a 21-year-old passenger aboard that flight, recounted how two flight attendants "hit the ceiling head first" during one of the drastic altitude changes. Jewell later noticed that one of them left "a massive dent in the ceiling of the plane."↬

×Who is he? Martin Cooper — aka the father of the cellphone, and former head of Motorola's communications systems division — and the first person to ever make a call from a cellphone.☀


◇"They successfully took it down, and I want to compliment our aviators who did it, and we'll have more to report on this a little later," he said.▣GJM0225C1C5R1CB01L•It alleges the law will have a “chilling effect” on the First Amendment rights of Florida residents.⇕IPW65R280E6FKSA1▊The 22-count indictment unsealed by the U.S. attorney’s office for the District of South Carolina says that Murdaugh, 54, “engaged in three different schemes to obtain money and property from his personal injury clients” while he was a practicing attorney in Hampton, S.C.♨XBS206S19R-G↔Older forests "are struggling to keep up with the stresses of climate change," said USDA Under Secretary for Natural Resources and the Environment Homer Wilkes. "We must adapt quickly."✿

↕Rice said police were waiting for a medical examiner's report to identify any of the victims, but said, "we believe that we have found the persons" and that police were "no longer looking" for Webster, Brewer and McFadden. State authorities canceled the EMA on Monday.☠C0402C472J4RECAUTO7411⇂The trial resumes Monday.▨


◙Malaysia's government started the administrative process of getting Fahim back home last week, and there were reports that he could even make the return journey to Bangladesh aboard the same vessel — not inside a shipping container, of course.☝C0805X169C4HAC7800☺Sheeran later addressed reporters outside of the courthouse.▥T491A154K035AT4280▰A judge in Worcester, Mass., is considering whether to detain Jack Teixeira, the Air National guardsman accused of leaking U.S. government secrets, after a hearing Thursday where federal prosecutors argued he should remain in jail pending trial.☪CKC21X103JDGAC7210♜"What is the likelihood of that?" Tacopina asked. "One in 20 billion? One in 10 billion?"♂

♠The October meeting has been preceded by an unprecedented two-year canvassing of the lay Catholic faithful about their vision for the church and how it can better respond to the needs of Catholics today.◆MMBZ5232BTS-7-G◘President Biden approved an emergency declaration that orders federal authorities to support the local response to the typhoon. Ahead of the storm, some U.S. Coast Guard ships sailed away from the territory — a hub for U.S. forces in the Pacific — as a precaution, while other vessels were hauled out of the water or tied down.☆

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