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➶ODNI also released a significantly redacted fact sheet describing some of the investigative efforts, which included Dark Web searches, reviewing CCTV footage and building floorplans, and creating digital and physical 3D models of incident locations.♚BZD27C30PHR3G●After its own attack, the staff at Johnson Memorial suddenly had to revert back to low-tech ways of patient care. They relied on pen and paper for medical records and notes, and sent runners between departments to take orders and deliver test results. The impacts were felt for weeks.▬2220Y5000272MDR▉In this story, a king takes a mermaid as a wife and their children are born with a ravenous hunger. The mermaid departs her former husband's ravaged kingdom and travels the land with a strange but gentle plague doctor, seeking a new story — but it may prove to be even more harrowing than the one they left behind.➥VJ0805D241GLAAT➩On Thursday, Santos signed a deal with Brazilian prosecutors that he would confess and agree to pay almost $5,000 in fines and restitution in exchange for dropping the charges, The New York Times reported.£

▧The women are allowed to collect seaweed if they don't breach that buffer zone, he says. But since the seaweed grows so close to the islands, that's a thin line and not always possible, the women say.✤6308☪The experience of writing it down wasn't as harrowing as it could have been. I had to repeat the story multiple times to different therapists [throughout my life]. Writing it was like, yeah, this happened. And now that it's out in the world, it's like, c'est la vie.▒


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BT151U-500C,127〓State law defines reckless murder as when someone causes a death by acting with extreme indifference to human life and recklessly engaging in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to a person.▕IDCS5020ER6R8M»Nurses aren't optimistic about the future, either. At least 80% of those surveyed expect that to get much worse in another five years, the report shows.✌


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C1206X124J5JAC7800【It was a turnaround from a tweet he sent hours earlier that the state-affiliated label for NPR "seems accurate."❤JAN1N6476US➲WASHINGTON — U.S. health regulators on Monday approved a new easy-to-use version of a medication to reverse overdoses caused by fentanyl and other opioids driving the nation's drug crisis.☼

➵It was just one of many records posted in the NCAA women's final game. Here are some more firsts from the most-viewed women's March Madness ever:⊡


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1206Y2000181MXRSan Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said Momeni will be charged with murder in Lee's death and is expected to be arraigned Friday. Prosecutors will ask a judge to hold him without bail.۰IXFN44N80Q3➡Allen Premium Outlets, part of the Simon Property Group that owns outdoor malls and other commercial properties, said the company's thoughts and prayers were with the victims and others impacted by the shooting.➴


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