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⊕An imam was stabbed while leading his congregation in prayer on Sunday at a mosque in Paterson, N.J. The assailant was quickly subdued by worshippers, according to local authorities.↔


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WW1008R-272K【One corner of the financial industry that has made modest progress is the brokerage sector, which concerns the buying and selling of securities, such as stocks and bonds. Since 2018, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority — a non-governmental organization that writes and enforces rules for brokerage firms – has required agents to make a reasonable effort to get clients to name "trusted contacts."❀TBJD106K035CBDZ0H23★Flamini said she'd lost track of time after about two months in the cave, and thought she had only been in there for some 160 or 170 days. She described the experience as "excellent, unbeatable," telling reporters that she never even considered hitting the panic button.♧

◄A senior military official told CBS News that multiple Navy and Coast Guard vessels, including the USS Carter Hall — which is equipped with a heavy crane for recovery — were in vicinity of where the balloon fell for debris collection.➫


☻One, some of the terrorism analysts felt they were being pressured by some policymakers to see a link between Iraq and Al Qaeda.£CWR11NB225MB♡"There's just this distrust of government right now," Kirch said in an interview with NPR. "I was surprised, many people still believe that three dead kids left that school that day, even though there's no proof of that."■1206Y1K08P20CFR▀Casiano wishes she could have ended the pregnancy in Texas as soon as she got the anencephaly diagnosis.✑HMK325B7684KN-T○Wong was accused of reposting on Facebook a thread from an online forum that disclosed the details of the officer who fired three live rounds in the residential area of Sai Wan Ho on Hong Kong Island. One of the shots injured a protester and sparked a public outcry at the height of the protests.▧

☁McGrath was indicted in 2021 on accusations he fraudulently secured a $233,648 severance payment, equal to one year of salary as the head of Maryland Environmental Service, by falsely telling the agency's board the governor had approved it. He was also accused of fraud and embezzlement connected to roughly $170,000 in expenses. McGrath pleaded not guilty.↜157G⇐Catherine Herridge, David Martin and Eleanor Watson contributed to this report.♡

↚Warnock, who represents Georgia, said his own children were in lockdown in their school due to the shooting.▌

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