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웃Kauth's measure was the genesis of an epic filibuster by Omaha Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh, who along with a handful of progressive allies, including Hunt, have slowed the business of passing laws to a crawl by introducing amendment after amendment to every bill that made it to the Senate floor. That sent leadership scrambling to prioritize which bills to push through.⇙

◤A sick female condor suspected of having lead poisoning was found dead on March 20 and testing showed it had Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), the park service said.▄

☆"However, there was no record of them arriving in Cabo San Lucas or a report in of their location," the Coast Guard said in a statement on Friday.▆


→The DOJ has accused Alabama, where Jordan was incarcerated, of failing to adequately protect incarcerated people from violence, sexual abuse, and excessive force by prison staff, and of holding prisoners in unsanitary and unsafe conditions.↵C0805C112K4HAC7800☌"For both the South Korea and Japanese governments, the resumption of 'shuttle diplomacy' in itself is a win," he said, referring to regular visits between leaders.◘A471M15X7RK5TAA✄Adding to the challenges is SpaceX's choice of fuel: methane. Most high-powered rockets use hydrogen for fuel because it is lightweight and highly efficient, Lozano says. Methane is cheaper to produce and easier to handle than hydrogen.✚1210J0630561KFR➲Khan's dramatic arrest on Tuesday, when armed security agents pulled him out of the Islamabad court, triggered two days of deadly protests across the south Asian country of 230 million people. Government and military buildings were ransacked, including a military commander's home. At least 2,000 activists from Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party were arrested, including senior leaders, and authorities said at least eight people were killed in the chaos.☼

◎Biden came into office promising to unravel Trump's immigration policies. But it's proven difficult for him to do that. He quickly stopped construction of Trump's border wall and introduced an immigration bill (but it's gone nowhere in Congress).▦JTXV1N4955➚"Begum fled east London with two friends to marry ISIS fighters in Syria at a time when the group's online recruitment program lured many impressionable young people to its self-proclaimed caliphate.ⓔ


✆"This landmark lawsuit is not only to get the justice for Tyre Nichols in the civil courts, but it is also a message that is being sent to cities all across America who have these police oppression units that have been given the license by city leaders to go and terrorize Black and brown communities," Crump said.↰PZU24DB2,115➩Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick emphasized that Abrams' appointment will not only honor Walters' legacy but will continue to expand it among students and the overall Howard community.↯1812Y4K00471KXT큐Older forests "are struggling to keep up with the stresses of climate change," said USDA Under Secretary for Natural Resources and the Environment Homer Wilkes. "We must adapt quickly."▯CWR11JB156JCB❉In their speeches about rolling back legal protections for gun manufacturers, lawmakers looked often to Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter, Jessica Ghawi, was slain in the 2012 Aurora theater shooting. The parents tried to sue the companies that had sold the shooter ammunition and tear gas but were unsuccessful. Ultimately, the couple ended up owing more than $200,000 in defense attorney fees and had to file for bankruptcy.↾

➹The majority of Nashville's 40-member council have already vowed to reappoint Jones, according to NBC News — with some signaling their intention to do so before the council meeting was even called.❀5NQ391KOAAM✈"It was February of last year when we had two back-to-back school shooting threats," said Cooper. "But they were using social media like Snapchat to make these threats. And I don't think they understood the severity of the consequences because they thought it was a joke."▅

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