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❥Amy O'Donnell, director of communications for the Texas Alliance for Life, calls Casiano's situation "heartbreaking," but says she supports the abortion bans and opposes creating exceptions for fetal anomalies.

■"I am very worried about Florida," Alker says. "We've heard the call center's overwhelmed, the notices are very confusing in Florida – they're very hard to understand."↻

✍Woods' withdrawal from the tournament comes two years after he returned to the sport in 2021 following a serious car accident earlier that year. The crash had left him with a compound fracture in one leg and other injuries.▀

♘The long-awaited reports are classified, but were believed to detail failures in U.S. intelligence and planning that allowed for the Taliban to swiftly take over Afghanistan in August 2021. The reports were also believed to outline what failure of security near the Kabul airport that led to the deaths of 13 U.S. service members and Afghans in an attack.▒


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2020-04H➭"I hope they right that ship because he deserves to be there by our bench. In my time knowing him, he's always been respectful. He's always been considerate of those around him. Very weird to see, and I hope it's resolved," he added.▬VJ0402D330KLAAP☣"My family — my mother, my siblings and my nephews — are on the road from Sudan to Cairo through Aswan," prominent Sudanese filmmaker Amjad Abual-Ala wrote on Facebook.⇉

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