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12105C223MAT2A♛American presidents traditionally release their tax returns. But former President Donald Trump refused to do so. Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee eventually made those filings public after a lengthy legal fight. The returns showed he paid very little in taxes after business losses.▁1812Y0160333JDR⇚NEW YORK — Salman Rushdie made an emotional and unexpected return to public life Thursday night, attending the annual gala of PEN America and giving the event's final speech as he accepted a special prize, the PEN Centenary Courage Award, just nine months being after being stabbed repeatedly and hospitalized.✐


▶In a separate case in Arizona, Vallow Daybell was also indicted on conspiracy murder charges for allegedly arranging for her brother, Alex Cox, to shoot and kill her fourth husband, Charles Vallow, in July 2019. Alex Cox died in December 2019, of what was determined to be natural causes.⚘1210Y0500391KAT⇇Sheeran sat with his legal team throughout the trial, defending himself against the lawsuit by Townsend's heirs. They said "Thinking Out Loud" had so many similarities to "Let's Get It On" that it violated the song's copyright protection.▔293D685X9016B2TE3◦The average retail price of Mounjaro is currently about $1,180 per month, according to Good Rx for people who pay out of pocket, and though Eli Lilly has not released any information about how the sister-version of Mounjaro will be priced if it's approved for chronic weight management, the cost is likely to be out of reach for many people. As NPR has reported, when patients can't afford to stay on obesity medications, they are likely to gain much of the weight back.□NTE490⇄Among the accounts were those of a Ukrainian youth who at first fled to Italy where his grandmother works to escape the war at home, but later, homesick, returned to Ukraine. Following that account was that of a young Russian who said his brother died, presumably after being sent to fight in Ukraine, which Russia invaded in February 2022.

▧Larry Welker, Bollinger County's public administrator, said the twister traveled along route 34 into Glen Allen, a village of slightly more than 100 people, and that he hasn't been able to inspect the damage firsthand because law enforcement were restricting access to the area.⇋0603Y2500120KCR❦In a letter posted Friday, the agency told ARC that it has tentatively concluded after an eight-year investigation that ARC front driver and passenger inflators have a safety defect.▫


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1812J2500151KCR☁Berkeley City College President Angélica Garcia is one of the academics who will serve alongside the stars on the committee. In a statement, she said community colleges like hers "are anchors of democracy that often serve as the cultural centers of diverse communities, in many cases being the only spaces where the arts, humanities and libraries are accessible."◙C1206C369D8HAC7800▅The CEO of an office furniture giant landed at the center of a social media storm this week after she told her staff to focus on being better employees instead of asking whether they'd lose their bonuses.♧


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30LVD40-R☠Casiano knew that Texas banned abortions, but she didn't think those laws would apply in a situation where the fetus was certain to die. But the laws do apply. A narrow exception allows for abortions when the mother's life or "a major bodily function" is in imminent danger, but there are no exceptions in Texas law for the diagnosis of a fetal anomaly, no matter how severe. In fact, very few states with abortion bans have such exceptions.↬F930J686KBA✑Tsai has made it clear Taiwan is an independent entity, and the visit with McCarthy comes at the end of a high-profile diplomatic trip to the U.S. to bolster support for the island. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday in Brussels that Beijing should not use Tsai's visit "as an excuse to take any actions to ratchet up tensions, to further push at changing the status quo," noting that trips by Taiwanese leaders to the U.S. are "nothing new."の


✿23. ""Pale Blue Dot"" — Carl Sagan (1994)£BCX6925TA☣Instead of focusing on race and identity like many books by authors of this genre, relationships and mental health take center stage in Deb J.J. Lee's debut young adult memoir, published last month by First Second Books.☠GRM31A5C2H180JW01D♦The end to America's public health emergency declaration comes on the heels of the World Health Organization making the same determination last week.➸M39003/01-6075H➥"For smokers who are legitimately trying to quit using vapes, the prescription model pathway is and should be in place," Slevin added. "But that should not be at the cost of creating a new generation of nicotine addicts among children and young people."↻

➞The final phase of the Artemis project, Artemis III, will put astronauts on the Moon once again — but no sooner than 2025. The last time NASA astronauts walked on the Moon was during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972.⇄PT100-1100HM↖Aishwarya Thatikonda was killed while visiting the mall with a friend, according to Dallas TV station WFAA. The 26-year-old was an engineer who lived in McKinney, Texas, while her family resides in India.▁

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