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C1206X334MMREC7800⇨"I'm not a victim, and this isn't a pity party. This is more about awareness," said Mabry, who is encouraging people to contact their state legislators about anti-LGBTQ+ bills in Texas.◘CCD-210F332MK72✦This story is part of the My Unsung Hero series, from the Hidden Brain team, about people whose kindness left a lasting impression on someone else.↱


In most cases, the shoes and other possessions were collected and the material used to help the Third Reich in its war effort. The 110,000 shoes in the museum's collection — while massive — most likely came from only the last transports to the camp, Cajzer said.♦1206J0630473JXR☺Lt. Gen. Arthur Gregg, the first African American to achieve such a high rank, retired in 1981 after serving as the Army's deputy chief of staff, logistics. He becomes the only living soldier in modern history to have an installation named in his honor. Lt. Col. Charity Adams joined the newly created Women's Army Auxiliary Corps in 1942 and was the highest-ranking Black woman of World War II.▤CDR32BP101BJYSAR★"If [Target is] going to wade in on this, and they're going to put support out there for the LGBTQ+ population, I think once they enter that fray they have a responsibility to stand by that community," he said. "As soon as you back down like this, you send a message that intimidation works, and that makes it much scarier than if you had never started to begin with."☆CDR34BP432BFURAB❈Tsipras, who was prime minister from 2015 to 2019, said his party would gather to examine the results and how they came about. "However, the electoral cycle is not yet over," he said. "We don't have the luxury of time. We must immediately carry out all the changes that are needed so we can fight the next crucial and final electoral battle with the best terms possible."✲

☠At least 100 animals, all kept inside enclosures, will have gone more than three weeks without food or water, said Sara Abdalla, the head zoologist at the zoo, which is part of the Sudan Natural History Museum.£NLV25T-033J-PFD✄Mayor Thorpe shows up in the police text messages too.◘

▪To conduct the research, several young women called 34 hospitals in the state with a script, saying they were pregnant for the first time, trying to decide which Oklahoma hospital to go to for care, and wanting to understand the hospital's policies and processes for providing abortions if pregnancy complications arose. "It's called the 'secret shopper' methodology – we called it a 'simulated patient' methodology," says Dr. Michele Heisler, professor at the University of Michigan and medical director of Physicians for Human Rights, who is one of the study's authors.✪


➛Medicare advocates around the country who track fraud noticed an eleventh-hour rise in complaints from beneficiaries who received tests – sometimes by the dozen – that they never requested. It's a signal that someone may have been using, and could continue to use, seniors' Medicare information to improperly bill the federal government.❧C1206X224M4JACAUTO▧There are lasting changes from the pandemic in Ypsilanti schools, Zachery-Ross says. The ventilation systems are different; there are hand sanitizer dispensers all over the place, and more of an awareness about staying home when sick, she says. The district was also able to scale up access to laptops for students who needed them. Plus, parents and schools got more used to coordinating and communicating with each other, she says. "I think we can do some of those takeaways that can continue now – so that gives us hope." -- S.S.D.▫CKR05BX101KSVTR2↔San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said Momeni will be charged with murder in Lee's death and is expected to be arraigned Friday. Prosecutors will ask a judge to hold him without bail.▥T95X336M004ESAL◙The king will hold the Sovereign's Orb in his right hand during the service. It's a 17th-century golden sphere adorned with precious jewels and a cross on top, meant to represent the Christian world. Charles will also be presented with two scepters during his coronation: Both are golden rods. One is known as the Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross. It features a heart-shaped diamond nestled below a cross, symbolizing power and justice. The other features a dove and is known as the Rod of Equity and Mercy.↿

➳Telma Vinha, an expert in educational psychology at the State University of Campinas, has started looking more closely at school attacks in Brazil, mapping when and where they occur, and following the online activity of attackers.➷P1330-394K↙Consider a modern equivalent: When you're listening to someone tell you something and your phone dings — Ding! "Is that important?" — you just lost track of where you were.♦


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1N4006T/R☝"We are interested in how stem cells residing in our body are regulated to properly maintain our body and how they can reform the tissues when they are lost by injuries," said Mayumi Ito, a professor at NYU Langone Health and a senior investigator on the study.☆1N5519B (DO35)⇇In a statement last month, federal law enforcement officials said "wrongdoers allegedly sought to exploit the program by repeatedly supplying patients or, in some instances, deceased patients, with dozens of COVID-19 tests that they did not want or need."↗


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