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☢South Korean authorities don't crack down on the sale of domestically made sex dolls, but their quality is in general inferior to those made abroad, Lee said.⇍


✯Asked earlier whether he would accept new work requirements for some programs, Biden reiterated that he would not accept any that impact Medicaid – or, for other programs, cuts that go substantially beyond what currently exist.✉1812J2000154JDT☼It comes five months after a federal judge sentenced Holmes to 11 years behind bars for misleading investors about her blood-testing startup, which landed her on the cover of national magazines and made her a darling of Silicon Valley.←CGJ4J2X7R1E683K125AA↛"The utter brutality of the deadly beating that Tyre suffered is once again highlighted in these official autopsy results," Crump and Romanucci said in a statement sent to NPR on Thursday. "... No part of this young man was spared as he was tortured to death by these officers."↡5AR8R0CXBCA☀When the GSA rejected requests for documents, 17 Democratic members of the 45-person committee turned to an obscure law enacted in 1928 that allows seven members of a House committee to go to court to enforce its power to get agency records and other information.◑

✦Conservation groups are urging DeSantis to veto the bill, saying phosphogypsum would hurt water quality and put road construction crews at a higher risk of cancer.♦BC847C▨Bud Light faced a major social media backlash and saw sales dip after Anheuser-Busch ran an ad campaign featuring popular trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.✯


↜Indeed, Longhi's work reveals how face coverings were a focal point of Venetian life in the 1700s, not so different from Davide Belloni's early years in the 1980s. "My childhood memories are full of masks, for sure," he told "Sunday Morning."↯CZRER52C13☢While the nine jurors stopped short of holding Trump liable for "rape," they agreed unanimously that he had "sexually abused" Carroll and that he had defamed her with his October 2022 statement. Carroll was awarded $2 million for the sexual abuse and $3 million for the defamation.♩C410C682F5G5TA☂More tragedy followed for Miguel Lerma. Last May, Jose's wife, Virginia, – Lerma's grandmother – died after a series of strokes. Lerma was raised by his grandparents and refers to them as "mom" and "dad."♡SA105C104KAR▪What happens next is the absolute heart of the ancient rite: the anointing.ღ

❈You can find all sorts of safety guidance on its website too. And, with the start of the Atlantic hurricane season just days away, it's as good a time as ever to get yourself, your loved ones and your home safety devices up to speed.✍VJ1206A270GXACW1BC▩Oropesa was located after the FBI received information on their tip line at 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, and he was arrested at about 6:30 p.m., said Jimmy Paul, the FBI Houston assistant special agent in charge.☁


▰When President Biden announced on Tuesday that he would run for reelection, he said the effort would be helmed by Julie Chávez Rodriguez.☆1808J1000680JDT✏According to charging documents, one of the posted documents "described the status of the Russia Ukraine conflict, including troop movements, on a particular date." The government confirmed that the document in question is classified at the highest level, according to the criminal complaint.⇗CDRH12D58/ANP-820MC▌"People are scared," said Davis Mayor Will Arnold at Tuesday's news conference.♦RHEL81H102K1M1A03A⇎Those are some of the tamer texts released.◊

↤“Tonight, our state is one step closer to protecting more innocent lives,” he said.❑VJ0805Y123JXJCW1BC⇔"It is an absolute tragedy. It is a horrific situation," the prime minister told reporters. "In the fullness of time, of course, there will be a number of investigations about what has happened and why it happened. But for now, the focus clearly has to be on dealing with the situation."☌


▩Reynolds can't pinpoint exactly when Alzheimer's crept into her mother's life. A widow, Lewis-Thorpe had lived alone for several years and had made arrangements for her aging, including naming Reynolds as power-of-attorney agent. But, Reynolds lived 450 miles away from New Haven in Pittsburgh, Pa., and wasn't there to see her mom's incremental declines.♡CDR31BX332BKUM-ZATAM⇛"My understanding, I was given a green light by my team as well as the studio to accept financing from Mr. Low," DiCaprio said. "That means that the background check was fine and he was a legitimate businessperson."◘CWR26HC226JBGA⇙Both Gomez and the boy are now in custody and being charged with murder, police said.◇C322C122J3G5TA7301◄Twitter added a "state-affiliated media" tag to NPR's main account on Tuesday, applying the same label to the nonprofit media company that Twitter uses to designate official state mouthpieces and propaganda outlets in countries such as Russia and China.↻

⇉The vehicle occupants were unharmed in the accident in the northwest on a highway from Bogotá to Medellín, police said. The hippopotamus died immediately afterward and was removed to be analyzed, environmental authorities said.〓C1206C393K5RALTU▎The U.S. has 44 federal inmates on death row and more than 2,000 at the state level. It's in a small group of countries that carry out executions as a form of punishment, many of which the U.S. has often been critical of, Gurulé said.


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