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1825Y0100150KCT▤While some at Tuesday's hearing said Congress is powerless to act on a code of ethics, witness Amanda Frost, a University of Virginia law professor, disagreed, invoking the views of the Founders.◘2727-06H☛Russia has been a popular playing destination for top WNBA athletes in the offseason, with some earning salaries over $1 million — nearly quadruple what they can make as a base WNBA salary. Despite pleading guilty to possessing canisters with cannabis oil, a result of what she said was hasty packing, Griner still faced trial under Russian law.⇪


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SD103AWS-7⇖The U.S. government declared Gershkovich "wrongfully detained" about a week ago, meaning a designated office within the U.S. State Department will lead efforts to secure his release.▷GA1206Y224JXXBT31G▤"Tucker took something that really was relegated to the fringes — it's a white nationalist conspiracy theory — and he made it not just a part of his show, but then a broader part of Fox News's culture, and then, by extension, Republican politics," said Angelo Carusone, president of liberal watchdog Media Matters for America. "It really became acceptable to embrace that idea."⊙


✁Archways Richwood let 242 minors, ages 14 and 15, to work more hours than allowed, and must pay $143,566.◎PMEG2005AELD,315⊿Hope Carrasquilla, a Florida principal who was asked to resign in March after sixth-grade students were taught about and shown a picture of Michelangelo's David statue, traveled to Florence, Italy to see the sculpture in real life.⇡AABS110-HF❤The Times of Israel reported that Israel Defense Forces said in a statement that the shots had been fired toward a military post near Jit, west of Nablus, where troops of the Golani Brigade's Reconnaissance Battalion were stationed during what the IDF called "proactive activity." The soldiers returned fire, "neutralizing" three of the Palestinian assailants, the IDF told Times of Israel.◇EPC2016C□"You almost want to curse," Towarnicki, 38, said. "You're like, 'Oh, no, it's happening.'"⇝

⇍He has won three Olympic gold medals and one bronze, and scored 28,289 total points, the ninth best in league history. Ahead of him are LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki, Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O'Neal.➹CQ0402CRNPO9BN5R6↝"The government must ""make new decisions that are in line with the premise of the Supreme Court's judgment,"" Aasland told the broadcaster.↩


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1206Y1000102MXR◘ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A 1-year-old Australian shepherd took an epic trek across 150 miles (241 kilometers) of frozen Bering Sea ice that included being bitten by a seal or polar bear before he was safely returned to his home in Alaska.♣S4924R-685K•Hazar Khidir is a Sudanese-American emergency physician at Yale. Dalia Owda is is a Sudanese-American emergency physician at Yale. Hana Khidir is a Sudanese-American internal medicine physician at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center.▮


♦Ford removed AM from the 2023 Mustang Mach-e and F-150 Lightning electric pickups after data collected from vehicles showed that less than 5% of customers listened to it, spokesman Alan Hall said. Electrical interference and reducing cost and manufacturing complexity also played a role.⇕0603Y1500470KQT◊Just because you may have been bitten, it doesn't mean you've contracted Lyme disease. The New York State Department of Health says in most cases, a tick must be attached for 36 hours or more before the bacteria can be transmitted.➷M39003/01-2829☪White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday the United States had "grave concerns" about the bill, adding that it would hamper tourism and economic investment, and "damage Uganda's reputation."◎AMMSZ5237A-HF☻That policy, which is set to end this week, is a public health measure tied to the COVID-19 pandemic that allowed the government to turn away asylum-seekers at the southern border.█

↮Ellsberg was at the time a 40-year-old Marine Corps veteran with a Harvard doctorate who had worked for the Defense and State Departments and the RAND Corporation. A "hawk" before going to Vietnam in 1965, Ellsberg had since turned against the war and the official justifications given for it.➸IPP65R090CFD7XKSA1↿Art was the saving presence of his childhood, which left him with permanent distrust of adults and authority. He was born in Savannah, Georgia, but for years was torn between the U.S., where his father (a department store manager) preferred to live, and Lithuania, where his mother (a religious Jew) longed to return. In Lithuania, Jaffee endured poverty and bullying, but also developed his craft. With paper scarce and no school to attend, he learned to read and write through the comic strips mailed by his father.➮

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