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2256-12L◆"A suicide bomber tried to enter the Ministry but was identified by security forces and blew himself up," Ahmadullah Muttaqi, an official from the Taliban's office of the first deputy prime minister, said on Twitter.↴GA1206H152KBXBR31G✉"This is a tragedy," Harvey said. "People will be looking for answers. And we're just sorry that those families are experiencing that loss."❏


➶The committee is coming back as the country faces crises from social upheaval to climate change, "not to mention the fact that the arts and the humanities and related institutions have been under attack and have faced questions of relevancy," said Tsione Wolde-Michael, the committee's executive director. "What the committee is about is how the arts and humanities can really be a vehicle for positive social change."☻FK16X5R1H105K▓"For us to say we're OK, not only is that not true because of the trauma, but it's also not true theologically," he told NPR. "We come broken and with nothing to offer of our own righteousness but fully dependent on God's good grace."⊿R5001210XXWA↚Musk hopes Starship will provide a critical step to becoming multiplanetary, by allowing large payloads to be carried into orbit for cheap. His goal is for Starship to someday transport the first people to Mars.♂CDR04BX473BKUS\M1K♪Krosoczka, as the "geeky kid who could draw," and five of his classmates, a motley crew, have no idea what to expect as new volunteers. Each is given an assignment and reminded that, first and foremost, their jobs are to take care of others. "Make sure families eat first and always have what they need," a chipper head counselor, "Pappa Frank," tells them. Most of the staff are older than the small group of high schoolers of which Krosoczka is part. He learns some of their backgrounds later, like Frank's admission that he, too, had cancer as a teen.➜

❏"It took time for him to understand that we are not going to see our friends in Ukraine for a while," she says. "Now he talks about Aurora less and less."➴C0603X333J1RACTU™Network spokeswoman Isabel Lara said since all of the news organization's tweets now carry a "false disclaimer," the organization has decided to halt tweets until the label is removed.


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2220J5000821GFR▤WASHINGTON — A curious toddler on Tuesday earned the title of one of the tiniest White House intruders after he squeezed through the metal fencing on the north side of the executive mansion.⇓0805J2000153JXT♥The herd had been crossing the Lamar River on Saturday evening when the calf got separated from its mother on the river bank, according to a press release from the agency. A man observing the scene approached the animal with apparent rescue intentions.↥

♥They considered several key questions: Which hazards injure and kill the most people? Which hazards does the CPSC know it will have to warn about year after year? What behaviors does it need to visualize to address the hazards that have the biggest gaps in visuals featuring people with disabilities?⇃


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1210J0160272JCR⊙"Consumer complaints to the CFPB suggest that, rather than benefiting consumers, as claimed by the companies offering these products, these products in fact may cause confusion and hardship," the report concluded. "Many people would be better off without these products."⇁SZBZX84C3V6LT3G┲"I feel like if we don't do something about it now, then we'll be talking again, and it'll be too late at that point," Jamie Sparrow, a parent of an elementary school student, told WBAL-TV. "I think that lives could be lost (or) people could be harmed."⊿


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