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☃Owen wraps up her remarks by sharing some advice she heard from a previous manager of her own: "I had an old boss who said to me one time, 'You can visit pity city, but you can't live there.' So, people, leave pity city. Let's get it done," she says.➡KBPC1510-G▀"Tucker Carlson talked about it extensively on the air ... and eventually Trump tweets about it and says that the United States is going to do something about it," she said. "It's sort of insane to think about this content from these forums reaching the president of the United States, and him saying, 'Oh, we're going to act,' we're going to do something about what is a debunked, not true conspiracy theory."❐GA1210Y394JXAAT31G유The museum says people are most likely to find specimens "directly west of Canoose straddling the border," and that the reward is also open to Canadians.▉1206Y0500103JCR▧Davis said last fall that he supported "what the law is in North Carolina right now," which was a 20-week limit. Davis has declined to comment on the bill, but House Speaker Tim Moore said recently that Davis is a "yes" vote for an override.☂

♨After the verdict was read, Carroll left the courthouse accompanied by her lawyer Roberta Kaplan, who said, "We're very happy." Carroll did not speak to reporters, but she smiled as she departed.☪GA1812A681FBGAR31G↪It's one of the largest life forms on the planet: a quaking aspen so colossal it has a name — Pando, which is Latin for "I spread."●

▪"I apologize that we were no longer able to stem the loss of trust that had accumulated over the years and for disappointing you," he said.↨

✄Standing at an imposing 6 feet, 7 inches, and 320 pounds, Hinton is a good fit for a Michigan Wolverines team that is coming off an already successful run where the team made it to the College Football Playoff for two consecutive years.↻


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1210Y0500224JDT⇞In the end, some things can never be forgiven. No apology can bring back the dead or right a wrong. Song Binbin must have known that was impossible, but she tried to apologize anyway. The act itself was meaningful.▼ELL-ATV271M↧The National Weather Service in Kansas City tweeted Friday that it had received "several reports across northwest MO of a large balloon visible on the horizon," and noted, "We have confirmed that it is not an NWS weather balloon.☼


◇"If you celebrated Clark for doing this but not Angel Reese you gotta take a long, long look in the mirror," tweeted The Athletic writer Meg Linehan.▏1825Y0160101KCR↶Photos edited by: Grace Widyatmadja◁1206Y0160272GCT⊡"I'm typically a very compromising person," the Oakland, Calif.-based author, who is Asian American, told NPR. "But when you omit the word racism from a story about the mass incarceration of a single group of people based on their race, there's no compromise to be had with that if you can't agree on basic facts."Ю1825J0160220JCR➹"We're failing people," Wangerin said. "We're re-traumatizing them by not knowing what to do."➷

⇑The incident was a rare incursion into the city-state, much of which is off-limits to the general public, especially at night.♞1812Y2500122KCT◈Lowery has been dealing with both the medical and financial challenges of Type 2 diabetes, and much more. The years since her diagnosis have been extremely difficult, with one life-changing event having overwhelming health and financial consequences.♨

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