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◙However, CBS News has learned the U.S. hasn't been able to confirm the possible second balloon mentioned in the Canadian release.↞

⇆Police discovered the bodies in June 2020, buried on property in Rexburg, Idaho, owned by Chad Daybell. Some of the pictures were taken at that time — months after JJ and Tylee were last seen alive, in September 2019. Others were autopsy photos, as the Associated Press reports.◙

↪In her memoir, Adams, then a major, recalled an episode when a general came to inspect her battalion. He threatened to "send a white first lieutenant down here to show you how to run this unit.''↤


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VJ0805A101FXAMPThe question now is how well the ambitious treaty will be implemented.▌APTGT150A60T3AG☭Carroll, 79, started testifying Wednesday and, under questioning by her own lawyer, told jurors how a chance encounter with Trump at the store in spring 1996 turned from flirtatious frivolity in the desolate lingerie section into a violent sexual attack.↬


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NTE56070♦The fresh violence follows an Israeli military raid last week on the West Bank village of Jaba, where three Palestinian militants were killed. Hours later, a Palestinian gunman opened fire on a busy Tel Aviv thoroughfare at the start of the Israeli weekend, wounding three people before being shot and killed.¤C1210X273F4HACAUTO⊙Murdaugh admitted during his murder trial that he had created a web of financial crimes that bilked millions from vulnerable clients of his law practice, saying: “I believe the people I had stole money from for all of those years trusted me.” Murdaugh, the patriarch of a South Carolina legal dynasty whose case drew international attention, apologized several times during his testimony for swindling clients among whom were teenage girls and a quadriplegic man.↰

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