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↦"I feel so emotional, like I could cry. The color changed and seeing the corona and sun flares ...," Copson said.➫

▤The standards would also reduce chemicals that contribute to smog. They could improve air quality near railyards and ports.❤

⇦A passenger aboard the Quantum of the Seas posted about the incident on social media early on Wednesday.◑


□Raskin said that he still was exhausted as he recovered from the final round of chemotherapy, but that he would issue a proper thank you soon.↭103R-101J↮The legislation was passed by a majority-white and Republican-controlled state House and Senate. Jackson is governed by Democrats and about 83% of residents are Black, the largest percentage of any major U.S. city.░0805Y2502P20DCT↥Sgt. Jeremy J. Burkett of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency announced the latest arrest but declined earlier to discuss specifics of how the shooting unfolded or a possible motive.➯4494-566↶Texas has been working on a similar bill banning DEI programs in its own state university system.↷

✙The cowboy hat-clad card player was also known for writing Super System, his popular book on the game.☇1206J0500102JFR◎GoFundMe confirmed that they continue to hold the funds given to Hamlin's campaign and will do so until Hamlin requests that they be transferred. The company also said that fundraisers specify when they benefit charitable organizations.▪

↸Most of the migrants were Venezuelan and had received humanitarian parole, meaning they were allowed to be in the United States and apply for asylum.◆

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