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☞The Twitter account notes that tracked flights "do not guarantee that DeSantis is onboard." Sweeney, an information technology major at the University of Central Florida, said he may also try to track any flights DeSantis takes on the private planes of his political donors.✚0603J063P680BCR❀Though other eclipses occur more regularly, the last time a total solar eclipse crossed North America was on August 21, 2017.↕GRM31CC80J226KE19L▣Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass thanked the school district and union for coming to an agreement in late March following the strike.⇈C1210X390M8HAC7800In a statement later Thursday, McCaul said Kirby's comments at the White House briefing were "disgraceful and insulting," adding that "President Biden made the decision to withdraw and even picked the exact date; he is responsible for the massive failures in planning and execution." He called on the administration to declassify as much of the reports as possible, and said lawmakers "must be given access to the full and complete record of documents from the withdrawal in order to get the answers on why the withdrawal was such a disaster."▌

☜This is what happened to Nadezhda Dunayeva and her husband Vladimir. Their town of Lyman, in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region, was under Russian control between May and September last year. Throughout this time, Vladimir, who's an electrical engineer, repaired electrical infrastructure repeatedly damaged by the fighting. After Lyman was liberated by Ukrainian troops, he was labeled a collaborator and fired from his job at the railroad. "But I wasn't doing it for the Russians," he said, "I was doing it for the people of my town."•TMK063CH180JP-F▦"Congratulations to the Paraguayan people, who showed the world the democratic power of citizens through their votes," the embassy said.⇎

♥It would allow the FDA's original approval of mifepristone to remain in place, the panel said. But the panel also allowed Kacsmaryk's injunction to remain in effect on the FDA's later actions on mifepristone, including the expansion to 10 weeks of pregnancy and telehealth access — a decision that could greatly diminish access to the drug.⋄


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CWR26HH226JCGC\PR▀Still, the group said it will partner with Kentucky Horseracing Commission and the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority to investigate the incidents and learn how to improve the safety of the sport.SR207C103KAA☪Before Teixeira was identified, President Biden weighed in on the matter during his visit oversees in Ireland.♐


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GJM0335C1E7R5CB01J"The White House security systems instantly triggered Secret Service officers and the toddler and parents were quickly reunited," he said in a statement.▌CWR26HH106KCFZ\PR☛Two other officers were admitted to the hospital with injuries, including Galloway, who was shot in the elbow.↝


☀You'll hear people talk about "old Antioch" — which refers to the place it used to be: White, working class, a sundown town, where people of color knew not to be after dark.↜1825J1K20272KXRⓥWhen Jochnowitz, an environmental activist and former township council candidate, posted images of the dumped pasta on Facebook a week ago, it set off an uproar of interest and questions. She estimated the pasta to weigh 300 or 400 pounds.✄9130-78⇪The Texas lawsuit, filed by a coalition of abortion rights opponents, raised questions about the process by which the FDA originally approved the drug in 2000.FA20X7R1H155KNU06➤"They are harassing citizens and not allowing them to travel," Vucic insisted. "But we don't like to beat protesters, like France and Germany do."✉

❏A previous version of this article referred to Gabrielle Union as Dwyane Wade's partner. She is his wife.▐PT50-780HM▍At their meeting, Roman starts by trying to throw elbows at Joy over Kalispitron's troubles. Joy puts him off saying it's a complicated situation, and Roman instantly takes offense to her hesitation to get into it with him just because he knows nothing about anything. Joy, however, has her own concern: ATN's overly cuddly coverage of Mencken, which is causing a certain revulsion among the sensitive artistic souls they work with at Waystar Studios. Roman ridicules this idea. Very quickly, seemingly mostly because he doesn't know what he's talking about and he feels insecure, he impulsively fires Joy — the head of the studio — and walks out.▨


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