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卍Add to that a new pilot training backlog, and shortages of mechanics, maintenance workers, gate agents and customer service staff, along with technology glitches and outdated scheduling software at some airlines, and it all cascaded into several periods over the last year in which hundreds of thousands of would be travelers were stranded, the worst of which was over the Christmas holiday, when Southwest alone had to cancel 17,000 flights.∎MA27V1200L☭Mata-Rubio said she has too many what-ifs of her own to worry about whether the cops feel regret, shame or sorrow about their actions that day.ˍC0603X339C5HAC7867▭PEN events are familiar settings for Rushdie, a former president of PEN, the literary rights organization for which freedom of speech is a core mission. He has attended many times in the past and is a co-founder of PEN's World Voices Festival, an international gathering of author panels and interviews held around the time of the PEN gala.◎C0603C511M8HACAUTO▔That "was the last thing she needed when she was already feeling terrible," said Althouse.۰

ⓥThen on Sunday, the Coronation Concert will take place at Windsor Castle, with a lineup including singers and American Idol judges Lionel Richie and Katy Perry; U.K. acts like Take That, Freya Ridings and Alexis Ffrench; and Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.⇂18251C334JAT2A♣JACKSON, Miss. — The white woman who accused Black teenager Emmett Till of whistling at her — causing his 1955 lynching in Mississippi, which galvanized a generation of activists to rise up in the Civil Rights Movement — has died at 88.▧

◎On Nov. 16, Rupert Murdoch affirmed his interest in aiding the Republican drive to win the Senate in an email to Scott: "Trump will concede eventually and we should concentrate on Georgia, helping any way we can."☣

☪"Our crew was able to recover 22 survivors and 2 deceased," the aid group tweeted, adding that survivors said about 20 people drowned. The group's ship, the Naditook the rescued migrants to the Italian island of Lampedusa.▣

♥"Aurora, how are you feeling today?" her teacher, Amanda Green, asks. "So-so," Aurora replies in a quiet voice. "So-so," Green repeats. "Thank you for being honest."✪


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C1206X201F3HAC7800❥Mark Butler, the Australian health minister, said on Tuesday that vaping had been advertised to the public as a therapeutic product meant to help smokers quit but instead spawned a new generation of nicotine users, particularly young people.➫C1206C629C1HAC7800✡A clip of Owen's comments was leaked to social media, and it spread widely across platforms. One version of the video posted to Twitter had been viewed more than 7 million times as of 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday.∎

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