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⇍On Friday, violence again broke out at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. Chaos erupted at one of the entrances to the esplanade before dawn prayers on Friday as Israeli police wielding batons descended on crowds of Palestinian worshippers, who chanted slogans praising Hamas as they tried to squeeze into the site. An hour later, according to videos, people leaving the prayers staged a vast protest on the limestone courtyard, with Palestinians raising their fists and shouting in support of Hamas rocket fire, and Israeli police forced their way into the compound.✪

のAccording to various news reports, the boy, whom officials identified only as Fahim, had chosen the shipping container as a hiding place during a game of hide-and-seek with friends, but accidentally locked himself in.▂


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PT300-1500▣ ⇅VLZ6V8-GS18↬President Biden was briefed on the shooting, according to the White House, which said Biden and his team have been in contact with local authorities to offer support and are closely monitoring the situation.✄


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FGB30N6S2D♠Six other senior and supervising officers who The Post found were in a position to hear gunshots but did not immediately act, remain on the job. One officer — Guerrero, who took more than a half-hour to mount the assault that killed Ramos — later received a Department of Homeland Security award for valor for his actions that day.⊕2220Y2500181JFR↹In response, Feinstein released a statement saying her recovery was taking longer than she anticipated, and she requested that Schumer replace her on the Judiciary panel until she can return for votes in Washington.☼


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GRM0335C1H8R8BD01D▨Officers Nickolas Wilt and Cory Galloway were the first to arrive on the scene. Wilt was driving, and Galloway, his training officer, was riding in the passenger seat.✆1812Y1K20333JXT❁The rapper Coolio died of an accidental fentanyl overdose, documents from the Los Angeles County coroner's office show.❤

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