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유Senate leader Phil Berger accused Cooper on Saturday of "feeding the public lies" and "bullying" members of his party to block the legislation. "I look forward to promptly overriding his veto," he said in a statement.↬

«Rep. Garret Graves, who shepherded the House GOP debt ceiling bill that passed last month, told reporters earlier Thursday that negotiators could potentially find common ground around these four areas:☢


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ES2A-E3/5BT▫Yellowstone requires that visitors stay at least 25 yards away from its two breeding bison herds, which collectively contained 5,900 animals at the last count in 2022. The park is the only place in the contiguous U.S. to have maintained a continuously free-ranging bison population since prehistoric times.☺MBR20H100CTG-E3/45⇢Cynthia Halversion, a Colorado Springs resident testified against the bill to expand insurance coverage saying she worries it opens the door to "illegitimate practices and practitioners, to perform acts that are against the constitution of the United States of America and the safety and protection of all children."✡


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FMXA-2153S▫"This is a small community and they just wanted to enjoy the birthday party," Allen told NPR member station Troy Public Radio. "We had to be standing and waiting for bodies to be brought out."☆CDR33BX104AKSR7370☃Nasyrova's lawyer, Jose Nieves, told NPR in an email that he has filed an appeal against the verdict and sentencing, which will focus on "legal procedural errors and evidentiary issue [sic] that occurred during her trial."↲

♝At the time, Jin served as Zoom's primary liaison with Chinese government law enforcement and intelligence services, regularly responding to requests by the Chinese government to terminate meetings and block users on Zoom's video communications platform, authorities said.◙


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