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◇Though she can't prove it, Angela Reynolds suspects that someone had been financially exploiting her mom. At the same time, she feels guilty for what happened to Lewis-Thorpe, who now lives with her: "There's always that part of me that's going to say, 'At what point did it turn, where I could have had a different outcome?'"✦1812AC103MATBE☼The student who crossed the border Wednesday told CBS News she saw some Sudanese civilians crossing the border into Egypt and then realizing they had no idea what to do next.☭3640HA102MAT9A➫PLANTE: Sources tell CBS News that Tenet will point to intelligence successes not previously made public, and try to correct what they call 'inaccuracies' about what the CIA did and did not say about weapons of mass destruction.↪RQ1E100XNTR★Scott Wiener, a former supervisor-turned-state senator who authored the original ban, agreed that the measure hadn't produced the intended results.►

⇗The man reportedly refused a medical evaluation at the scene.↔1210J0100123FCR✿In March the Judicial Conference of the United States changed those rules to clarify that judges may not escape reporting travel that is paid for by someone else, and that even personal hospitality at a private estate must be reported if the property is not owned personally by the friend extending the hospitality.✙


↿The 67-year-old former telecommunications industry executive from Philadelphia is in the midst of a full-fledged second act that began in 2022 after Russia launched an all-out attack on Ukraine. When Wasserson's wife made him aware they had relatives in Ukraine, he didn't miss a beat. In March 2022, he flew to Poland, where he assembled a network to help extract his relatives and other Ukrainians from their war-torn home country, in true grassroots fashion.☋C1812C334K5RACTU♗The current round of violence erupted earlier in the week after Israeli police raided the mosque, firing tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of Palestinians who had barricaded themselves inside. Violent scenes from the raid sparked unrest in the contested capital and outrage across the Arab world.ぃM39006/25-0072☣At the time of his death, officials say Garcia was wearing a patch with the acronym "RWDS" — which stands for "Right Wing Death Squad." The same patch was worn by a Proud Boys member who pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.↕HMK316B7105KLHT☼"At this point, I do know who did it," she told NPR. "But this story is not about that."✯

➘"Some people who were treated for cancer years ago continue to worry that they are at high risk," says Malani. "A talk with your doctor can help you determine risk and precautions to help you engage with people and activities you enjoy." On a personal note, she says she masks when caring for patients but otherwise generally does not mask in meetings or even while traveling these days. "I pay attention to how I feel and am careful about not exposing anyone if I have any symptoms at all, even if mild," she says.▌S0402-10NG3S▮According to the White House, this marks 25 years of tax returns the Bidens have made public. Biden was vice president for eight of those years and released 22 years of returns during the 2020 campaign to draw contrast between himself and former president Donald Trump.█


▅Reynolds told NPR in a statement that if GAP Connections found a minor under 16 working on a contracted farm, the worker would immediately be removed from the farm and "the contract could be terminated immediately, not renewed, or the grower could receive a probationary contract which would result in immediate termination if found not in 100% compliance with any GAP Connections Certification standard or Reynolds contract requirement."♪SZ3C15❤"We're making it real clear that it's totally illegal what's happening, and we declared it so," Mr. Biden said.◥IPB039N10N3GE8187ATMA1▪"What we hadn't anticipated is what we found – the confusion, the contradictory statements, the misinformation," Heisler says. "Three of the 34 hospitals said they'd just never provide abortions," for example, even though there are exceptions written into the laws. Four hospitals said doctors needed to go through an approval process to be able to provide a medically necessary abortion, and 14 hospitals provided unclear answers about whether there was such an approval process.♐1808Y1K00561GFR卐Footage shared on social media, which could not be independently verified, allegedly showed an explosion above the Kremlin.↶

◨A lot of people anticipate enjoying their golden years – but what does that look like? Time for hobbies, travel, spoiling your grandkids? What about great sex?❤VS-30WQ06FNTRLHM3◘The Reconstruction-era precedent, Krishnakumar says, "highlights the fact that this is an unusual, rare step for a legislature to take — and that it's something legislatures don't tend to do in times of normal politics."√

↔"This is a very old and effective strategy of evoking a model minority myth where people should be grateful for access" to power, says Harvard's Muhammad.ⓥ

◐So she's a champion of being realistic rather than fatalistic.➼

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