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↣According to Rogers, a fraction of the time, an individual will ask to connect with a real person or they'll ask a question the system doesn't recognize. They're then routed to an actual human being — "trained nurses who are able to respond and engage in a much more personal way," says Rogers. "So it's a mixture of automated and personal." All responses are vetted by health authorities and medical professionals.×

↮Ardern resigned as prime minister and left Parliament earlier this year and said she "no longer had enough in the tank" to continue in politics.✥


☍Frustrated fans suggested Netflix lower its prices, let people continue to share passwords or even go back to selling DVDs for their troubles.↔0603Y0100183JXR⇡The first koalas were caught and vaccinated in March, and the effort is expected to last about three months.➨1825Y1000154JXT▽The star of that draft and arguably the best dressed player in the event's history was Heisman Trophy winner Devonta Smith, who was taken 10th by the Eagles. The slim receiver wowed in a impeccably fitted bespoke suit by Brian Alexander.❀0603Y0100183JXR유Chin-Quee's astute, no-holds-barred insights offer a window into the world of medical practitioners — and also celebrate the nuanced and diverse humanity of physicians.✿

➲There are believed to be hundreds of American nationals trapped in Sudan, and the U.S. government has announced no plans for evacuation flights or other efforts to get those people to safety, as European and other nations have been doing all week.▨GBPC5004-BP➹Rural electric cooperatives, renewable energy companies and electric utilities will be able to apply for funding through two programs, U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said during a media briefing on Monday.ⓥ


☼Humans are considered to be at low risk from HPAI, although there have been reported infections.♖HKQ04024N3H-T⇘Bob Iger, The Walt Disney Company's CEO, attributed the Disney+ downturn partly to a "maturation process." The streaming service launched in 2019, and in the beginning, Iger said their goal was to, "flood the digital shelves as much as possible." He said that lead to a lot of content that did not increase subscriptions and that the company plans to cut back on production.➚1812Y2500274JDR↕In his letter, Durbin also urged Roberts to "immediately open ... an investigation and take all needed action to prevent further misconduct" on the court.⇉1812J5000471JXT◑"The best men in the world are right here right now," said Iva Sanina, Campbell's fiancée, at his funeral in Kyiv on May 5.➜

➨For Taiwan, Tsai's stop in California and her meeting with McCarthy serve as reassurance that the U.S. — by far the island's most important partner, even though it does not officially recognize Taipei — remains firmly supportive of the island. She is due to step down next year and will not seek reelection.☪1812Y0500220KCT⇒"A country that is growing in its majority population of non-whites," Khalil Gibran Muhammad says, "has compelled the Republican Party to engage in unconstitutional practices of one kind or another in an effort to retain and or grab as much power as they can."◘

➛Some other states have also dropped many people from Medicaid. But Alker says that unwinding is not going badly in every state.◆


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