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▊Property records show that Lewis-Thorpe and her husband bought the two-bedroom Cape Cod for $20,000 in 1966. Theirs was one of the first Black families in their New Haven neighborhood. Lewis-Thorpe had planned to pass this asset of generational wealth onto her daughters.✤


➜During the hearing, Democrats frequently pointed to data from the NYPD that show a drop in violent crimes in New York City each month this year.⇦M39003/01-8171/TR☍Abortion rights advocates say medication abortion is a preferred option for many patients for a variety of reasons, including for people who live in rural areas without access to abortion clinics, those who want to avoid a surgical procedure to terminate an unwanted pregnancy or help ease a miscarriage already underway, or who prefer to complete the process at home.✿GJM0335C1E2R2CB01D↴A trusted contact is similar to an emergency contact listed for health care providers. They're notified by a financial institution in the case of concerning activity on a client's account and then receive a basic explanation of the situation. Ron Long, a former director of elder client initiatives at Wells Fargo, gives this example: "It appears [the client] has fallen in love with someone in Belarus, and it appears to be a person who is taking advantage or exploiting."⇚C1210C910M4HACAUTO⇥La Niña said farewell in March; since then, U.S. forecasters have mounted an El Niño Watch.☪

◇Alex Murdaugh, the disbarred South Carolina lawyer convicted of murdering his wife and son, was indicted Wednesday on more than 20 counts of orchestrating financial schemes that allegedly stole millions of dollars from his clients over 16 years.¤0505Y0500270GQT▫"Bohdan grew up in an instant," Viktoria says, as Bohdan plays with the family dog, Simba, who made the trip to Lviv sitting on Bohdan's lap. "We didn't have time for filtering things. He saw everything." At first, he was anxious, she says. He started to regress, often sucking on the corner of his T-shirt. Unlike Sofiia's mom, Viktoria felt that telling him everything might help him regain some power and control.◐


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12067A4R7DAT2A█"I really worked mainly because money was tight," he says. "I needed to help my mother pay the bills," and his goal was to make sure that his younger siblings wouldn't have to do the same. It also "felt nice sometimes to be able to buy my own things."→1812Y2000394JXT✡Knowles-Carter said Wednesday, "My beloved queen. I love you endlessly. I'm so grateful for your inspiration, and all the ways you have paved the way. You are strength and resilience. You are the epitome of power and passion. We are all so fortunate to have witnessed your kindness and beautiful spirit that will forever remain. Thank you for all you have done."☞


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LQP03TN1N9C02D▤NASA was also brought it to determine what the debris field may look like when the balloon was shot down. The military also looked at how it might bring the balloon down while recovering it payload.➵0805ZC474JAT4A➵It's the ultimate leap of faith, and not everyone sticks the landing.▬


↷"He helped us a lot to understand vehicles, weapons, and tactics," said Hlib Fishchenko, who helped recruit Campbell to fight in Ukraine. "The information he gave us is still useful."큐P1812-393G▄Most buses on roads elsewhere in the city were empty and there was a heavy security presence. It was similarly quiet in the second city of Mandalay, a resident told AFP.➳C1210X183G8HAC7800Like many Americans, Sheffield supports some restrictions on the procedure, but she does not agree with a total ban.↑VJ1206Y222KBBAT4X▦Douglas, another exceptionally brainy justice with strong liberal credentials, had been antagonizing opponents for three decades before Fortas' resignation. Douglas had been named to the Court by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939, helping cement pro-Roosevelt control over the one branch of government that had defied him. Douglas would serve on the Court for 36 years, which is still the record, and write more opinions than any other justice in history.×

❂"What did you do today?" Gulden asks.☊1808J0500154MXR▷Under a proposal announced Tuesday, a J&J subsidiary will re-file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and seek court approval for a plan that would result in one of the largest product-liability settlements in U.S. history.✥


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