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GRM1556R1H4R5CZ01D◆The talks in Jeddah had previously produced an agreement between the two sides on protecting civilians and easing the flow of humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflict. But, earlier ceasefire deals have foundered amid accusations by both of violations.⇐VJ0603D9R1CXPAP➣The aptly named "You're Cooked" offers recipes for a select audience of Kiwis who are desperate for a bite but too incapacitated to be trusted near an oven or stovetop. The menu — promising "recipes to cook if you're drunk or high" — features a touch of humor and instructions simple enough for even the most addled of chefs.➸

◎This interview has been edited for length and clarity.♥


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GRM155R71H241KA01J♣The words King and Malcolm X said about each other are vital to understanding the relationship between two leaders who took different approaches to confronting systemic and deadly racism in America. Their rivalry was played up during their lives and in the years that followed, despite their overlapping goals.➺CDRH4D22HPNP-180MC✤The former student leader of the 2014 protests was not a leader of the 2019 protests, but his continued activism and high profile made him a target of the authorities. The jailing and silencing of activists like Wong have damaged faith in the future of Hong Kong, with many young professionals responding to the shrinking freedoms and autonomy by moving abroad.↩


▓Autumn's saving grace is the ability to submit any "additional materials" that might sway the reviewers toward acceptance. So she quickly joins the Young Black Entrepreneurs in an effort to be better than average, and sideways pitches Promposal Queen with the help of fellow senior Mekhi Winston, Autumn's former-crush-turned-enemy. An unexpected kiss between them freshman year cost Autumn her best friend. She has no intention of revisiting all that trauma.⋄1808Y1000332FFR▄The 2013 murders came as the Turkish state and jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan entered into tentative peace talks to resolve the conflict that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.▣1808J1000331FFT✚Mariano Pargas Jr. — who was serving as interim chief of the Uvalde police the day of the attack — was also soon suspended and later resigned. He is captured on body-cam footage telling Guerrero that a child had called from inside the room with the gunman, but like the others, available video and audio records show, he failed to take charge or push officers to enter and kill the gunman.↟CKR05BX180KSVTR2ЮOpponents of mifepristone have argued that the agency ignored safety risks with mifepristone when it approved the drug and later removed important safeguards, like reducing the number of doctor's appointments needed to receive a prescription.♜

▩"I am still happy to come even though it is cloudy. It is happy to see how people with high enthusiasm come here to see the eclipse, because it is rare," Azzahra said.✚MBRF400200R➞State Sen. Steven Bradford, who introduced the measure, says the new alert system would ensure that resources and attention are given to bringing home missing Black women and children — eliminating implicit racial bias in cases involving missing persons of color.▒


►A former auctioneer has pleaded guilty to selling fake Jean Michel-Basquiat paintings, the Department of Justice said Tuesday.○GA0805A471GXCBT31G▒The country's third president, Thomas Jefferson, wrote about his part in an alleged hush money scheme to his friend, James Monroe.▄2225J0160273FCT⇁The latest move by Adidas comes nearly six months after the company cut its ties with the rapper, halting production of Yeezy products and its payments to Ye.♚0805J1000471FQT☜Context to know: This legislation would mark the third overhaul of Florida election statutes in as many years. DeSantis and his allies insist Florida’s elections are well run. But Republican lawmakers have nonetheless pushed through legislation putting new restrictions on how ballots can be cast.↕

☻The English pop star's cheerful attitude on display under questioning from his attorney, Ilene Farkas, all but vanished under cross examination.ISC1812BN121K•KHARTOUM, Sudan — As foreign governments airlifted hundreds of their diplomats and other citizens from Sudan, Sudanese on Monday desperately sought ways to escape the chaos amid fears the country's two rival generals could escalate their all-out battle for power once evacuations were completed.﹌


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