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C3216JB2A333K115AA❏For criminal justice advocates, it was an important victory, as it meant unanimity would be required for jury verdicts. But there was a catch: The referendum did not apply to cases from before 2019 — an issue that only got more awkward when the Supreme Court ruled split-jury verdicts unconstitutional and said states would have to settle for themselves whether to apply the ruling retroactively.⇂IPD65R660CFDATMA1❈California has always experienced dramatic swings from drought to floodwaters. Those swings are expected to become more severe as temperatures rise due to human-caused climate change.➷

☁The Food and Drug Administration added amoxicillin products to its list of drug shortages in October of last year and some still aren't available.▐


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VJ0805D152GXXAJ↗The Murdochs may have perceived it worth nearly any price to avoid such a public humiliation.۰1206J5004P00BQT▐Blaycia McDowell, the mother of Cox’s 10- and 12-year-old sons, told Rush that her boys no longer have a dad “because you intentionally and indiscriminately and carelessly fired a 9mm gun into a crowd of people.”✉


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1808J0500122JDT£And that has led an OMB working group to propose making a single combined question the new required way of collecting self-reported racial and ethnic data.⇞C0805X200G4HAC7800❖Another surviving member of the Family Band, harmonica master Mickey Raphael, was part of the weekend's house band, led by Don Was, which backed almost everyone.☣


➥Rapp said that Putin has faced no meaningful accountability for Russia's actions in Syria, and the lesson Putin took away was that no one would stop him.✙S0402-27NH2D→On Monday, Zephyr had stood defiantly on the House floor with her microphone raised as protesters shouted "Let her speak," disrupting House proceedings for at least 30 minutes. Zephyr was then banned from the House and its gallery and voted on bills from a bench in the hallway outside the House on Thursday and Friday.◙M39003/03-2063H◎And of those counties, NPR found that more than half have high levels of medical debt. That means at least 1 in 5 people have medical debt in collections.✄2225J2000273GFT◑In recent reporting, ProPublica detailed undisclosed gifts from Crow to Thomas, which include luxury trips and private school tuition for a Thomas relative. Crow did not immediately respond to requests for comment from NPR.↘

↔During a budget hearing last week, Bryan Newland, the assistant secretary for Indian Affairs at the Interior Department, told Merkley's subcommittee that his agency is requesting more funding for maintenance and operations at the detention centers.✲0505J2000200FQT▣And that, Ziegler says, could amount to a national ban. In fact, she says citing the Comstock Act is part of an intentional strategy being pushed by some anti-abortion activists.⇚

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