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₪But Indonesian President Joko Widodo said Tuesday evening that his administration objected to Israel's participation. He told citizens that the country agreed to host before knowing Israel would qualify.☺


█Hours earlier, former president Donald Trump urged Republican legislators to trigger the first-ever U.S. debt default by refusing to lift the limit if Democrats don't agree to spending cuts.➪1210J2K00390JCT➺"The widespread, aggressive marketing of vaping products, particularly to children, is a worldwide scourge," said PHAA CEO Terry Slevin.♀MJ802G♡Outbreaks are difficult to contain, especially in urban environments. People who are infected do not become contagious until symptoms appear, which is after an incubation period of between two and 21 days.】TBJC106K015CBSC0023ღSo, what now?▪

☪"Three days later, Hennepin County prosecutors charged him with eight felonies, including two counts of attempted murder of police officers," MPR reported.↗STTH8R06G✪On election night, Fox News's decision desk projected that Democratic presidential nominee Biden would win the pivotal state of Arizona. Trump and his advisers waged an intense effort to get the network to reverse the call. The network and the Murdochs stood by it.⋄


♐Researchers use binoculars to spot koalas in eucalyptus trees, then construct circular enclosures around the tree bases with doors leading into cages. After a few hours or days, the koalas will eventually climb down from one tree to seek tasty leaves on another, and wander into the harmless traps.↞CDLL4917A▍In a separate case in Arizona, Vallow Daybell was also indicted on conspiracy murder charges for allegedly arranging for her brother, Alex Cox, to shoot and kill her fourth husband, Charles Vallow, in July 2019. Alex Cox died in December 2019, of what was determined to be natural causes.↦GA1206A182JBABR31G▏On Friday, two British-Israeli sisters were shot to death in a car as they travelled through the occupied West Bank. Their mother survived but was hospitalized after being severely wounded.☀JAN1N3821AUR-1☣Women who know their pregnancies could become high-risk are thinking twice about getting or being pregnant in states with abortion restrictions. Carmen Broesder, an Idaho woman who chronicled her difficulties getting care for a miscarriage in a series of viral videos on TikTok, told ABC News she does not plan to try to get pregnant again.➚

⇊"I just wanted to make sure that it's actually going out to the right people, people that we can actually educate and give training," Tanner said. "The more we can educate the public, the better off we are."▓C325C270JAG5TA☻Reacting to the latest incident, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Tatarsky's activities "have won him the hatred of the Kyiv regime" and noted that he and other Russian military bloggers long have faced Ukrainian threats.⇔


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C322C103F2G5TA↾In the hands of a less skilled writer, this could be a recipe for disaster. But Row weaves all the threads together masterfully; sections flow into one another in a way that's seamless. The switches in perspective and prose style are never jarring except when they need to be, and Row's use of language is surprising, at times, and unfailingly beautiful: "America is dead," he writes. "That isn't the right way to say it. The United States of America is dead. If I say it's dead to me, it is dead. If I say, mother country, I have no other, you are dead. The way the sunlight glows in the leaves of the red maple of the lawn: dead. The blue hill over the blue waters of the bay: dead. What thou loves remains: dead."◦CWR26HC226MBGB\TR◆Ties already exists talent wise between WWE and UFC, with stars such as Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey crossing over between the two businesses.☺

◣"It's terrible what has happened in this community, this county, this state," Lee said. "But it looks like your community has done what Tennessean communities do, and that is rally and respond."☺


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