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◩One part of that alleged scheme was to try to get Trump to send a dissident living in the U.S. back to China to curry favor with the Chinese government.☜M39003/01-5163/HSD➫"At first they thought it was maybe the lower-cost stock image library we use," he wrote. "But, the more they looked across libraries — even the most well-known and expensive — the more it became obvious that this was a huge gap in what was available."NTE5228AK☻On Facebook, South Carolina's North Myrtle Beach Police Department warned residents that some "pieces" of the balloon "may wash ashore."↽IRKL41/06ABAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. — Police have charged a 19-year-old man with killing two teens and wounding four others in an early Sunday shooting at a house party on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.❐

❖But from certain communities, from children, from our elders and from nature, I feel optimistic that we can fix things. That we can create abundance by sharing. — Edgard Gouveia Jr.▩1008-121G▣Schumer has met with dozens of AI experts and for the last several weeks has been circulating a high-level framework outlining a new regulatory regime for AI.↫


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UG8CTHE3/45✤The IRS, which will receive nearly $80 billion in funding through the Inflation Reduction Act, says it plans to use some of the money to understand "any potential systemic bias" within its compliance strategies and treatments, according to the letter.☁VJ0805Y183JXAAC↪In an interview last month, Heinerscheid, the first woman to lead Bud Light in the brand's 40-year history, said the beer brand was "in decline."☈

▧Maybe you don't have to imagine it. I don't have to. After 20 years covering news with a capital "N", I found myself craving a different kind of internal exploration: about the human condition, which is what this series is all about.◘


◪For the first time, United Nations members have agreed on a unified treaty to protect biodiversity in the high seas — representing a turning point for vast stretches of the planet where conservation has previously been hampered by a confusing patchwork of laws.◑TBJB106K016CSLZ0900↛U.S. forces entered Syria in 2015, backing allied forces in their fight against the ISIS terror group. The U.S. still maintains the base near Hasakah in northeast Syria, however, where Thursday's drone strike happened. There are roughly 900 U.S. troops, and even more contractors, in Syria.⇓UF5401-E3/54☂The indictment unsealed Tuesday includes 34 counts of falsifying business records with "intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission thereof." That's a Class E felony — the lowest level of felony in the state of New York.➷CCR09CG221GM→"The idea that there are some Latinos who are just Latino is contributing to the myth that Latinos are exempt from racialization. That's not true. Our history has never been that. If you go back to any country in Latin America, you will see a racial hierarchy where whites were on top, brown-skinned people were somewhere in the middle, and Black people and people racialized as Indigenous have been on the bottom," says Nancy López, a sociology professor who directs the University of New Mexico's Institute for the Study of "Race" and Social Justice and is calling for research into an additional racial category that could be meaningful to Latinos who are racialized as "Brown."☃

⊙After he finished singing those words, he spoke a few too, saying "and then words fall in" as he tried to teach the jury his method of creating music. He said he collaborated on the song with a co-writer, Amy Wadge, who wrote the opening chords.➛2225J5000390KCT▅Siddhu Pachipala is a senior at The Woodlands College Park High School, in a suburb outside Houston. He's been thinking about psychology since seventh grade, when he read Thinking, Fast and Slow by psychologist Daniel Kahneman.▣

◘The law requiring a three-day delay between buying and receiving a firearm — an attempt to curtail impulsive violence and suicide attempts — puts Colorado in line with nine other states, including California, Florida and Hawaii.♪


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