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⇀"But the theft rates of certain Hyundai and Kia vehicles are so high that a number of name-brand insurers — to protect their own bottom line as well as those of their other policyholders — have decided to temporarily hold off on taking on new policyholders," he told NPR.⇈


☪Koalas are iconic Australian marsupials, like wombats and kangaroos. They spend most of their time eating and sleeping in eucalyptus trees, and their paws have two opposing thumbs to help them grasp and climb up trunks.↤CWR09JK105KCC█"There just isn't this broader knowledge that each region has its own endemic fungal biodiversity. Death caps are not everywhere. They are native to some places [Europe], invasive in others [North America], and totally absent from other places." Pringle says.☛1825J1K20180FCT♪Earlier this month, DeSantis signed H.B. 1438 as part of a larger package of bills that codified anti-LGBTQ measures. The bills ban certain gender-affirming care for children, require restrooms in public buildings to be based on “biological sex,” and prohibit curriculums about sexual orientation and gender identity in pre-K classrooms through the eighth grade.◘C0805C106M8RACTU➥Russia has denied any wrongdoing, contending the children were moved for their safety.☄

⇋Phil Dowdell was a star wide receiver with plans to play college football at Jacksonville State University. Smith was a talented athlete who became a team manager after she was sidelined by a knee injury. Collins was a 2020 Opelika High School graduate who planned to start college in the fall after taking a year off to try his hand at music. Holston was a 2018 Dadeville High graduate and former athlete at the school.⇆M39003/03-0124➭The details of several Medicare Summary Notices — quarterly statements of services beneficiaries received — obtained by KFF Health News show Medicare paid suppliers $94.08 for at-home covid testing using a billing code for "a single test." Most retail pharmacies sell a two-pack of tests for about $24.✏


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TAJE107K020RNJ♦James, who is an epidemiologist and engineer, has been studying links between climate and health in the valley for the past 15 years. She found that during dust storms in the San Luis Valley, which have been growing more frequent, more people visit the hospital for asthma attacks. And she has surveyed farmworkers on how drought is affecting their mental health.☊T491C156K025AH▐On Monday, Fremont County Prosecutor Lindsey Blake told jurors that Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow Daybell portrayed themselves as religious figures called "James and Elaina."▮


↢The investigation is ongoing.☂SLF7045T-4R7M2R0⇝And that's how one ends up here — with an official presidential campaign site for the United States of America asking supporters to buy a $32 "dark T-shirt" that the campaign says is "best worn while vanquishing Malarkey."▤TBJC226K020CBDC0H24╬But all of these technical responses have shortcomings. There's not yet a universal standard for identifying real or fake content. Detectors don't catch everything, and must constantly be updated as AI technology advances. Open source AI models may not include watermarks.⊞1812Y1K00122FFT∷"Uncle, I'm thirsty and there's no bottled water left," said one child, catching her breath.➸

⇣Joseph Dituri, a 55-year-old professor at the University of South Florida, broke the world record for longest time living underwater — and he plans to stay put for an extra three weeks.↝1210Y1000184MXT卐"It's hard to imagine a world without Martin Amis in it," said his U.K. editor Michal Shavit, in a statement shared with NPR. "He has been so important and formative for so many readers and writers over the last half century. Every time he published a new book it was an event. He will be remembered as one of the greatest writers of his time and his books will stand the test of time alongside some of his favourite writers: Saul Bellow, John Updike, and Vladimir Nabokov."↯


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1812J2K50270FCR▌"It all culminates in the crown, but that can only happen because he has been anointed with holy oil," says Alice Hunt, a historian of monarchy at England's University of Southampton. "That's the moment when the monarch is understood to actually become king. Something changes at that moment."⇡1206J0500271KAT◆Ukraine's long-anticipated counteroffensive against Russia will ultimately succeed, a former commanding general of U.S. Army Europe told NPR's Morning Edition on Friday.▰


  1. There鈥檚 no dark side of the moon (matter of fact it鈥檚 all dark).


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