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ⓥWhat it will do: Expand affordable housing options by removing barriers like zoning restrictions and increasing funding for development.⇍


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MMBZ4701-HE3-18✍Medeiros thinks that continued improvements in computer software and telescope hardware will result in the picture of the M87 black hole being refined more and more.◆2225J2500100GFT❃Twitter added a "state-affiliated media" tag to NPR's main account on Tuesday, applying the same label to the nonprofit media company that Twitter uses to designate official state mouthpieces and propaganda outlets in countries such as Russia and China.➢


♠He insisted that he stole nothing from "Let's Get it On" when he wrote his tune.➵VJ0805D111KLBAJ➞There were no reports of deaths or significant injuries. But about 25 rudimentary shelters made up of plastic, tarps, branches and other materials were torched in a sparsely populated part of the camp. Many who lived there also apparently lost clothing, documents and whatever other modest belongings may have been left inside.✄C1206X201F3HAC7800☼On a recent night, Towarnicki was alone in the clinic, clicking through photos she took of her last patient. The patient opted against filing a police report but asked Towarnicki to log all the evidence just in case.◨STD134N4F7AG⇛Edited by Benjamin Swasey☝

✿Humor continues to be one of the things that gives me hope. No matter how hard life can get, there are always people who find a way to make things feel lighter. It could be as simple as silly viral animal videos or the more complex comedy that contextualizes our lives in the broader arc of history. Either way, we as humans tend to know when we need to break the tension and give ourselves a mental reset. -Eric Conrad, Washington, D.C.➮VJ0805D100FXAAT↶Conservation groups are urging DeSantis to veto the bill, saying phosphogypsum would hurt water quality and put road construction crews at a higher risk of cancer.♣

♠"Phosphogypsum contains appreciable quantities of uranium and its decay products, such as radium-226," according to the EPA. And because the fertilizer production process concentrates waste material, "phosphogypsum is more radioactive than the original phosphate rock," the agency notes.∎

✦This interview has been edited for length and clarity.↯

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