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₪Volker Perthes, the U.N. envoy for Sudan, said that both Burhan and Dagalo agreed to a three-hour humanitarian pause in fighting in the late afternoon Sunday, but violence continued to engulf the capital.⇂ER1641-302JR▮Earlier this week, a group of investors filed a class-action lawsuit against Adidas, accusing the company of knowing about Ye's problematic behavior years before ending the collaboration. Adidas denies the allegations.❉HM73-40R50LFTR13◐He did not have to.◎HT13BW104KN™Target is recalling around 4.9 million candles sold in-store and online because the jars can crack or break and cause burns and lacerations.✐

♚In separate hearings, lawyers for Holmes and Balwani tried to persuade Davila their respective clients should be required to pay little, if anything. Prosecutors had been pushing for a restitution penalty in the $800 million range. Both Holmes — whose stake in Theranos was once valued at $4.5 billion — and Balwani — whose holdings were once valued around $500 million — have indicated they are nearly broke after running up millions of dollar in legal bills while proclaiming their innocence.⇖RG 2V1♢Laughing and playing ukulele with friends. Planting native plants and taking photos of all the pollinators that come to them. -Rosemary Woodel, Athens, Ga.♪

♥The derailment happened late Wednesday outside of New Castle, the company said in a statement.↖


♦A separate American strike hit a military post near the town of Boukamal, along the border with Iraq, on Thursday the Observatory said. CBS News has not confirmed the report.❧1825J1K20560JCT●Voting rights groups sued DeSantis over changes in a 2021 law that limited ballot drop boxes and also restricted who could return a voter’s mail-in ballot, as well as how many ballots one person could turn in to an elections office. A federal judge in Florida struck down most of that law last year, saying it ran “roughshod over the right to vote” and unfairly targeted minorities.✌FK24X5R1A335K→In addition, symptoms and diagnoses reported through Reach Digital Health can be relayed to governments in real-time to allow for informed public health decisions to be made quickly and responsibly.☠BF1009SE6327HTSA1◐MARGARET BRENNAN: And we are back now with the former top economic adviser in the Trump administration and currently the vice chairman of IBM, Gary Cohn. Good morning to you.♢

♛First of all, bedbugs can be hard to spot. Large infestations may put lots of the blood-sucking insects or their droppings on obvious display, but eggs or freshly-hatched nymphal bedbugs are less easy to see. They may also be lying low in hidden areas of a piece of furniture, such as seams, crevices or even the inside.◑GA0603A391GXBAP31G☼A spokesperson for the Federal Reserve said "the video appears to have been edited, and I cannot confirm it is accurate."☁


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M39006/33-0059❤"We disagree with NHTSA's new sweeping request when extensive field testing has found no inherent defect," ARC said in a statement Friday night.☠M39003/01-2745/99▣Temi doesn't mince words, especially when attacking the husband. She tells her friend that "this man doesn't fit into the plans we made." In fact, all men were never part of her plan. She considers them "instruments, not partners. Their presumed superiority over women throughout history has made them complacent and stopped them from adequately evolving, and so now they are no longer fit for long-term use." In one of the book's funnier lines, she says, "Men are like those pans that say non-stick and then you fry one egg and the whole pan is ruined."■


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FIT68-6✦Maintaining a steady flow of weapons to Kyiv will be critical in the war's second year, especially with both sides planning spring offensives.❈C1206C102JDRAC7800☚"We are aware of some casualties, perhaps even some killed, but I don't want to get too far ahead of where we are right now. It just happened and the State Department's looking into this," Kirby added.¤

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