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S0603-47NG2S☢“It’s an AR! It’s an AR! It’s an AR!” an officer yelled.☆B82473M1683K☄The interest payments can inflate medical bills by almost 25%, the agency found by analyzing financial data that lenders submitted to regulators.↶


★“I don’t know why my therapist or docs didn’t tell [me] that Biore pore strips could have helped heal the bullet wound on my stomach, or my anxiety after being shot, or my fear of loud noises, or stop my nightmares, or help me feel ok at school. Firing them and buying in bulk!” tweeted Mia Tretta, a gun control activist who was injured in a shooting at California’s Saugus High School.♣C0603X111J4HAC7867⇨Auli'i Cravalho, who is Hawaiian and voiced the titular character, said Moana "has had such a profound impact on how we think of Disney princesses. Moana's strength and perseverance are inspiring—to audiences around the world, to me, and to everyone who helped bring her to life. I'm looking forward to sharing her story in a whole new way."✌2512R-333J»At least nine people were killed, including the gunman, and seven others injured in the wake of an afternoon shooting at an outlet mall in a Dallas suburb on Saturday, police said.➡IRLR3103TRPBF☠Cooke says he hopes his work will continue to bring attention to police violence.●

▶While about a quarter of the states have restricted or banned abortions since the Supreme Court's decision, more than 25, including Colorado, have taken steps to do the opposite. Many of those states are clustered in the Northeast and on the West Coast.♥SCRH2D18-2R2⇍"My son and I have always been close and I thought, given how difficult he found it to tell me, what must children in homophobic and transphobic families be going through? I wanted to keep the conversation open for them," says Desai. "Since then, I have spoken with thousands and thousands of children and their parents. Some parents, they are so stubborn and it takes many phone calls for them to listen — they would insult me and bang the phone down."◄


➮Fox founder Rupert Murdoch — who, under oath, called himself a newsman at heart — advocated going slow in confronting Fox's pro-Trump viewers with unwelcome news in order to protect the franchise.↘2200HT-391-V-RC⇢On Nov. 14, 2020, Fox Corp. executive chairman Lachlan Murdoch, Rupert's son, warned chief executive Suzanne Scott about the tone of Fox's coverage of a pro-Trump rally.⊠1111J2000361FQTOn Thursday, two Army helicopters collided near Healy, Alaska, killing three soldiers and injuring a fourth. The aircraft from the 1st Attack Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment at Fort Wainwright, near Fairbanks, were returning from training at the time of the crash, according to the Army. The unit is part of the 11th Airborne Division, which is nicknamed the "Arctic Angels."⇅30LVSD22RK-RShockingly, Drake was not the first to make that hotline bling.«

〓Meanwhile, the BBC is struggling financially. The government has frozen its budget for the next two years, and is changing the way the institution is funded.☌1206J0160183JDR⇝On Tuesday, a Westville, Okla., resident, Janette Mayo, confirmed to the Associated Press that her daughter, Holly Guess, 35, was among the victims. State records show Guess and McFadden applied for a marriage license in 2022.Ю


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F931C686MCC↛-- Deirdre Walsh contributed to this story▒P0102DA 2AL3❈Thornton said there were about 50 to 60 people crammed inside the party venue, which measured about 38 feet (12 meters) by 26 feet (8 meters), when the gunfire erupted.▲

⊿Among the plaintiffs are several doctors who said they had been "forced to participate" in abortion, against their conscience, when patients sought emergency care after taking mifepristone. "They allege that they feel complicit in an elective abortion by being forced to complete that procedure," said Erin Hawley, a lawyer bringing the suit against mifepristone.⊙

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