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0805Y063P300BQT◄Speaker Kevin McCarthy held talks with President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday in California, adding to a series of foreign lawmakers who have met Tsai to show support in the face of Chinese intimidation. Beijing responded Friday by imposing a travel ban and financial sanctions against American groups and individuals associated with Tsai's U.S. visit.◆1331R-223K×WOOD: We had senior military trainer who'd said they'd sent operatives to Iraq, that they'd provided chemical weapons training. They recanted it all. It turned out he lied about it.⇆


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1825Y0500154KXR◇"The training was meant to enhance soldiers' skills to operate in realistic and unfamiliar environments," he added. "The training team, unfortunately, entered the wrong room and detained an individual unaffiliated with the exercise."◇TR3B106K025C1100❐"My colleague was forced to take a patient off a ventilator because the electricity was cut and there was no gasoline to power the generator," he recounts. "They continued manually using an Ambu bag [a device to manually pump air into someone's lungs], taking turns between himself and the nurses for 24 hours. They were hoping for a miracle. Then they just had to stop." The patient died, he says.▣


◥The Department of Justice opened an investigation into the leaks, which Garland said is ongoing.★05085C901KAT9A☊The picture shows the M87 black hole, a large one about 55 million light years away that's thought to be 6.5 billion times more massive than the sun. This is the black hole that was observed in 2017 by a network of telescopes around the world known as the Event Horizon Telescope, which together acted as a giant radio telescope the size of the Earth.⊙0603J0100121KXT▋In the new charges, Khan was accused of accepting millions of dollars worth of property in exchange for providing benefits to a real estate tycoon. The National Accountability Bureau asked to hold him for 14 days, but the tribunal granted eight days.♕P600G-E3/54⇄When the world was a lot quieter, our brains paid attention to every little leaf rustle or snap of a twig as a tool for survival, Kraus explains. And when our brains are processing sounds that trigger questions like "Am I in trouble here?" or "Can I ignore this?", there is less room to focus on the task in front of us.✍

❃In a separate scheme announced Monday, the Justice Department charged 34 officers in the Ministry of Public Security with creating and using thousands of fake social media accounts on Twitter and other platforms to harass dissidents abroad.▋BC847A/SNVL♗"I am confident that through our collective efforts, we can make a significant drive in advancing reparations in our great state of California and ultimately the country," Jenkins said.♙


⚘"Normalizing relations between South Korea and Japan is a necessity, and I am in favor of it, but not at the cost of our national interests, national dignity, history and justice," said Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung, who narrowly lost to Yoon in last year's presidential race.✂1206SC102MAT1A♙Yet San Diego State has a slight defensive edge over UConn, allowing about 63 points per game, more than a point under than the Huskies. And their win-loss record this season (32-6) outpaces UConn's (30-8), thanks to a solid defense. The Aztecs have flexed their scoring muscle too; take Lamont Butler's buzzer-beater in the Final Four upset against Florida Atlantic University.♘M39006/30-0107➳Writing in her memoir, One Woman's Army, Adams said she developed a camaraderie with white officer candidates during the train ride to Officer Candidate School. But it didn't last.⊞1210J1000272KXR↥Want more on oceans? Listen to the Consider This episode on why melting ice in Antarctica is a big problem for coastal Texas.【

▏The result, he says, is less effective visuals. So when the 2021 American Rescue Plan gave the CPSC more resources for developing new creative materials, it made this project a priority.PE-53650BNLT❖The recent decision of the Church of England to bless civil marriages of same-sex couples also has inflamed many, including some who see homosexuality as imported from abroad.▐


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FX513-N-TL-E♨Khan's Islamabad appearance was on multiple graft charges brought by police. As he showed up, the courtroom was stormed by dozens of agents from the anti-corruption agency, the National Accountability Bureau, backed by paramilitary troops. They broke windows after Khan's guards refused to open the door.▒C1210C273K5RACTU卍President Biden's White House is blaming the "conditions created by his predecessor" for the way the U.S. ended its more-than-two-decade-long military presence in Afghanistan in 2021.➸


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