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⇓According to the lawsuit, in the year before his arrest he was stopped by the same officers almost 10 times.➪


★With the COVID national emergency order set to end, keeping COVID-related grievances alive in the courts may also help sustain the larger movement against vaccines.☂PM74S-121M♭"What happened this week in Tennessee was an exercise of power used to send a political message: dissent and refusal to conform will not be tolerated," Vanderbilt University's Carrie Russell, a principal senior lecturer in political science, told NPR in an email.▬1808Y0500821FFR۰An infected tick latches onto a human by digging its mouth into the flesh where it can feast for three to 10 days, depending on whether it's a young tick or an adult female. It takes at least 24 hours before Lyme bacteria start swimming out in the saliva the tick drips into its host.❣VJ0805D121GEAAT◣In the early months of the pandemic, for a brief time, there was remarkable bipartisan unity in quickly marshaling federal resources to fight the new virus. That included major investments in vaccine development, new laws that allowed people to stay on public insurance programs without interruption, and free tests and vaccines for all. Those rules allowed for things like drive-through mass vaccination campaigns, where no one asked for your insurance card, and free curbside COVID-19 testing kiosks.➯

♩An Omani delegation, which arrived in Sanaa on Saturday, joined the talks, the agency reported. It said al-Mashat hailed Oman's efforts to bridge the gap between different sides in the war to achieve peace in Yemen. SABA did not give further details.♢1808Y0500224MXRのIf it had landed, the company would have been the first private business to pull off a lunar landing.☌

◆The season's first wave of climbers reached the summit this weekend as Sherpa guides fixed ropes and made paths for the hundreds of climbers who will attempt to scale the peak over the next few weeks.▕


∴Maj. Shul graduated from East Carolina University with a bachelor’s degree in history in 1970. Later that year, he enlisted in the Air Force. He flew 212 combat missions during the Vietnam War.❑2220J5000151JFR♠According to the New York Law Journal, Merchan has been an acting justice of the New York Supreme Court since 2009.⇦1808Y2504P70DCT➴Sanina said she feels deep gratitude for the families of foreign volunteers, like the Campbells, who know the risk their loved ones are taking on in Ukraine.↣KBU8A-E4/51☀Atrium Health recruits officers who reflect the diversity of the community, conducts training to counteract implicit biases and holds debriefings after any incidents, Finley said. Officers are trained to react when someone becomes violent at one of the facilities.○

☆The Cho family was at the mall for a day that should have been "filled with light, love and celebration but ended in tragedy," according to a GoFundMe campaign started for the family.→BR2510W-G↥VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has decided to give women the right to vote at an upcoming meeting of bishops, an historic reform that reflects his hopes to give women greater decision-making responsibilities and laypeople more say in the life of the Catholic Church.¤


☼Two other birds later found dead also tested positive, while test results aren't yet completed for five others, the park service said.❤199D276X9010D2V1E3☽Their goal was to create a hit but with an unusual lyrical premise — to teach people how to detect stroke symptoms and respond appropriately. Williams wanted to demonstrate that hip-hop could be used for public health interventions.◑1210J0630682JDR▦It may sound fusilli to some, but the pasta price hike is no laughing matter in Italy.⇑CWR29HC336KCFA\TR☁The family of Tyre Nichols has filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Memphis, its police department and the individual officers involved in the January beating death of Nichols.♝

⇔Officers who opened the box found the decomposing body of a man, whom they described as wearing women's clothes.☼VJ1206Y473MXJCW1BC∴If Medicare has paid for an item once, beneficiaries may not be able to get it when they really need it — regardless of whether they actually received it.➬

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