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➹But this year, things went awry. Carrasquilla, who had been the school's principal for about nine months, said her administration accidently forgot to send an email notifying parents about the lesson ahead of time — which had been done in years prior.▄


⇒Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh leaders will take part in various aspects of the coronation, the Archbishop of Canterbury's office said Saturday, as it revealed details of a service it described as an act of Christian worship that will reflect contemporary society.▩1812J5000681JDT﹌The service will also include many historic elements underscoring the ancient traditions through which power has been passed on to new kings and queens throughout the centuries.↝RHS7G2A122J0DGH01A⇅The 25-year-old was reportedly found by his manager who went to the singer's home Wednesday evening because he wasn't responding to contacts. Police are investigating his death but have so far found no signs of foul play, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency. Officials at Seoul's Gangnam district police station did not respond to calls for comment.»0805J0630391GAR↕Photos showed firefighters spraying water toward burning homes and buildings and large, orange flames engulfing a pine forest near a seaside resort hotel. The Korea Forest Services said that the fire was likely sparked by a tree that fell over a powerline after being snapped by strong winds.❣

¤The political turmoil comes as Pakistan continues to be mired in an economic crisis. Analysts warn that hopes are eroding that the South Asian nation can get a much-needed rescue package from the International Monetary Fund.■C1210C183K4JAC7800➹"When I saw the doll I felt so emotional, and proud. It means a lot to me that children will be able to play with the doll and learn that everyone is different. I am proud that Barbie chose me to show the dolls to the world," she wrote on Instagram. "Diversity is important as people need to see more people like me out there in the world and not be hidden away, Barbie will help make this happen."✈

▇The odd coalition has prompted charges from Erdogan that it wouldn't be able to govern if it won.◐


♙In November 2022, anti-abortion groups filed a lawsuit in Texas challenging the Food and Drug Administration's approval of the drug — which happened in 2000.▣JANTXV1N6312US↻Since H.B. 1438 took effect, the restaurant has canceled its family drag shows.☚CDR32BP561BJZRAT→The administration has rolled out a number of new policies to incentivize migrants to use legal pathways and avoid using human smugglers to enter the country illegally. It has expanded a parole program for migrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti, that allows up to 30,000 people from those countries entry to the U.S. each month if they apply for asylum from outside the U.S.⇌1206Y1K00471MDR▬Concerns over the accuracy of Credit Suisse's financial reporting and its relationship with investors came under scrutiny after the 2021 meltdowns of Greensill Capital and Archegos Capital Management. Credit Suisse racked up $8 billion in net losses in 2022, its largest ever annual losses.▶

▭Next week, in the Planet Money newsletter, we speak with MIT's David Autor, who pioneered much of the economic thinking about technological change, automation, inequality, and upward mobility in the past few decades. What's he thinking now? Stay tuned!☞1825J5000390FCT▽The British government claimed she could seek a Bangladeshi passport based on family ties. But Begum's family argued that she was from the U.K. and never held a Bangladeshi passport.▽


⇓ISLAMABAD — A Pakistani court has granted former Prime Minister Imran Khan bail in multiple cases against him, allowing for his release following his dramatic arrest earlier this week.✤GA1812A472KBBAR31G▀That was the thrust of the governor's message, his communications director told NPR.✄BZX884-B24315▼A series of other countries have signed onto an agreement known as the Artemis Accords with NASA that lays out shared principles underpinning future space exploration, including Australia, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.⇈CWR09NC684MC☼Doyle Brunson, nicknamed the "Godfather of Poker," has died. He was 89.♚

♈WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Friday plans to sign an executive order that would make "environmental justice" the mission of federal agencies, the White House said.⇨C324C102FAG5TA7301☜Sofiia approaches and hands her mom a pile of greens. "It's salad," she says with a smile. Natalia pretends to take a bite. "Thank you. Yum yum!"✿


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