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1206J0106P80DCT▬Laws and regulation will have to play a role, at least in some of the highest-risk areas, said Matthew Ferraro, an attorney at WilmerHale and an expert in legal issues around AI.▋CKR06BX334KRVTR1↸Police Chief Harvey said: "I hope it goes without saying that our deepest sympathies are with the families of the victims."⊙

➹Texas is now poised to join at least 17 other states that have enacted similar bans.↕

☭A spokesman for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described Goodman as "a great entertainer, a popular face on TV screens up and down the country." Buckingham Palace said that Camilla — a fan of the show who danced with Goodman at a 2019 event — was "saddened to hear the news."⇃


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0603Y0634P70BAT▩The Tesla lawsuit is not the first time deepfakes have been invoked in an attempt to rebut evidence — and likely won't be the last.▥C901U100DVNDAAWL40❐They soon realized the frog before them "is not a common species in the area." They were only able to find two of the frogs, even after going back to the site a few months after the original encounter.▦


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CBR05C101JAGAC☾Francis approved changes to the norms governing the Synod of Bishops, a Vatican body that gathers the world's bishops together for periodic meetings, following years of demands by women to have the right to vote.♪VJ1206A4R7BXBCW1BC▦High winds blew dirt through Montgomery County, Illinois, beginning around 10:55 a.m., causing "zero visibility" on Interstate 55, Illinois State Police Major Ryan Starrick said at a news conference.۰


  1. Try to see how long you have to watch before you realize this movie is a disaster...


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