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2225J2000391JCT✣The eight-to-32-cell stage looks kind of like a berry, so the bundle is called a morula, which is Latin for mulberry.↔BYW85TR▩In the prologue to Tyriek White's debut novel, We Are a Haunting, Colly speaks to his mother, Key, who died unexpectedly, leaving him in a constant state of grief and rootlessness. "You were just gone one morning," he says. "And I know it sounds like I blame you but I don't."☪


➽In other developments, the judge said Trump made an "entirely inappropriate" online statement about the trial and warned the former president's lawyers that he could bring more legal problems upon himself.▤0805J0630201FQT♛Is there water and electricity in Khartoum?➥UMK063CG6R8CT-F↟Lifestyle magnate Martha Stewart is making history, as she becomes the oldest person to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated's yearly swimsuit issue, at 81.㊣1808J1K00221MDR□"There's more to it," Eig said, "but what King actually said was that he disagreed with some of Malcolm's views, maybe with many of them — but that he was aware that his way wasn't the only way. And it sounded like he was much more open to exploring that relationship than the Playboy interview made it out to be."♢

↯"On one day we received five babies transferred from facilities that had been shut down. One set of parents had been looking for an incubator for their sick newborn for three days. By the time they made it to the hospital, it was too late."◑CKC33C512MDGACAUTO☍Almost 30 years later, Bartell still thinks about those strangers who helped her that night. If she could address them today, she would say this: "Thank you for noticing what so many people would have driven past. And for speaking up at a moment when you didn't have to."✉

♟""The legislation passed in Florida would not affect the requirement ... that U.S. EPA review proposed alternative uses of phosphogypsum on an individual, case-by-case basis."""◦

☽The U.S. Department of the Interior released a report last year that identified more than 400 Native American boarding schools that sought to assimilate Native children into white society. The federal study found that more than 500 students died at the boarding schools, but officials expect that figure to grow exponentially as research continues.§


↩Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin previously rebutted those claims during a 2021 House Armed Services hearing.▷HCM1A0503-6R8-R❑A gunman opened fire Friday night near a synagogue in east Jerusalem, killing at least seven people and wounding several before he was shot and killed, Israeli police and medics said.⏎GCE216R72A392KA01D⇩Here are a few takeaways from Pew's survey:↚1210J1000680FFT☁Note: Data from the World Health Organization as of May 10 shows that Kenya had 343,073 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 5,688 deaths.☊

×Perceptions of corruption in Turkey have increased over the past decade and are worse than the global average, according to studies by the anti-corruption organization Transparency International.⊿293D684X9020A2TE3◥"In line with Administration policy and statutory requirements, departments and agencies will continue to provide timely access to medical care, examine reports thoroughly, support research efforts, and process HAVANA Act payment requests, based on eligibility criteria set forth in implemented regulations," said the Biden administration's AHI Interagency Coordinator Maher Bitar. "Our commitment to the health and safety of U.S. Government personnel remains unwavering."☞

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