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♨Francis also prayed for those who lost loved ones in an earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey two months ago, claiming tens of thousands of lives.✿


♤Trump faces criminal charges in New York state over hush money payments made to a porn actress, a civil trial in New York that alleges a decades-long pattern of fraud by Trump and his business, the possibility of charges in Georgia and a pair of investigations by Department of Justice special counsel Jack Smith into Trump's handling of classified documents and his efforts to undo the 2020 election.ⓞ1210J2K00331MXT↘The U.S. has 44 federal inmates on death row and more than 2,000 at the state level. It's in a small group of countries that carry out executions as a form of punishment, many of which the U.S. has often been critical of, Gurulé said.☁1206J0160105JXR◘"The move grounds all Army aviators, except those participating in critical missions, until they complete the required training," the Army said in a statement.⇘BCX71J,235❂Sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government, Rayyanah Barnawi, a stem cell researcher, became the first woman from the kingdom to go to space. She was joined by Ali al-Qarni, a fighter pilot with the Royal Saudi Air Force.⇑

▐5:20 a.m.➣ISC1210EB270K↘During the discussion, Sacks claimed the audience on the Spaces was one of the platform's largest, but Earnest Wilkins, a former Twitter employee who helped produced Spaces, said: "Lol this isn't in the top 150 spaces by size in the history of the product."ⓞ


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1210Y1K50331MXR▨INDIANAPOLIS — Republican governors in Indiana and Idaho have signed into law bills banning gender-affirming care for minors, making those states the latest to restrict transgender health care as Republican-led legislatures continue to curb LGBTQ+ rights this year.∎LQW04AN6N2C00D✪TORONTO — The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation paused its use of Twitter on Monday after the social media platform owned by Elon Musk stamped CBC's account with a label the public broadcaster says is intended to undermine its credibility.♠


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CDR33BX153BKWSATぃMore details are coming to light about the mass shooting at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, on Saturday, when a gunman opened fire, killing eight people and wounding seven others.✦M39003/01-2683H↓"The convictions and the court's finding that the surface-to-air Buk missile came from a Russian military base were seen as a clear indication that Moscow had a role in the tragedy. Russia has always denied involvement. The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the court in November of bowing to pressure from Dutch politicians, prosecutors and the news media.ˍ

⇋However, some outlets and organizations are making an effort to be more inclusive when it comes to telling stories about missing persons of color.ⓛ


  1. Not yet been able to view this movie! Only received in mid-Jan. 2013 from overseas via Rarewaves. Does not function on US DVD!


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