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☺Violence against abortion providers was already on the rise before the Supreme Court's decision to end federal protections for abortions, according to the National Abortion Federation. Nationally, from 2020 to 2021, reports of stalking rose 600%, clinic invasions 129%, and assaults 128%, according to the federation. The organization is still aggregating its 2022 figures, which include data from after Roe was overturned, but it expects the upward trends to continue, according to chief program officer Melissa Fowler.✙GXM1555C1E1R8CA02D⇤That is one more reason cooler heads are looking to McConnell to help them prevail.♘C1206X119C1HAC7800۰Struber also apologized on Monday, saying he should have taken Vanzeir out of the game rather than let him continue playing.➳1210J6300101FAR✙There is still uncertainty over how the deal will play out for the combined bank. Analysts say some previous forced bank mergers didn't work out well for shareholders in the long run.の

ºPublishers, she wrote on her website before the Scholastic apology, "want to sell our suffering, smoothed down and made palatable to the white readers they prioritize. ... Our voices are the first sacrifice at the altar of marketability."▨0603J0500820FQT♦U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in Iraq Tuesday on an unannounced visit barely two weeks before the 20th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.⇕

▀But European laboratories confirmed Navalny was poisoned with Novichok, a Soviet-made nerve agent.▢

☁Garth Brooks and Parton hosted the two-hour awards show, streamed live on Amazon Prime from the Ford Center at the Star in Frisco.↷


ღ ☠TAZH475K050LBSC0824✄"We can close our eyes, we can avert our gaze, but we hear in 360 degrees," says Emily Elliott, a psychology professor at Louisiana State University who studies memory and cognition and is one of the authors of a study about how auditory distraction affects a young child's ability to perform serial recall tasks. Elliott and her colleagues devised a test in which they gave young children a visual task of memorizing a series of items on a screen. Then they told the children that sounds would be playing but not to pay attention to them, because they weren't relevant.✄JANTXV1N3822CUR-1☏K-pop has a distinct "total management" system that is both credited for success and criticized. Companies recruit and train young talents into all-around performers and manage almost every aspect of artists' activities — records, stage performances, music videos, media appearances and so on.♠S4924-394K▤Critics say the weapon has no valid recreational use and civilians should not be allowed to own them.▨

◦"The move grounds all Army aviators, except those participating in critical missions, until they complete the required training," the Army said in a statement.➡CWR11MC335JB\TR▣As a military analyst working on a Pentagon project in 1971, Ellsberg chose to release to the public an extensive, documentary record of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. Known as "the Pentagon Papers," Ellsberg's mammoth disclosure changed the national temperature about the war, prompted a landmark Supreme Court decision on freedom of the press and provoked an overreaction from President Richard Nixon that led directly to the scandals that ended his presidency.↞

♪A Luftwaffe jet flew Zelenskyy to the German capital from Rome, where he had met Saturday with Pope Francis and Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni.✈

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  1. If you liked StarGate at all, you'll want to see Continuum. GREAT movie.


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